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LS27AG304NUXEN Firmware not instaling

(Topic created on: 12-01-2024 11:04 PM)
First Poster

Hey everybody i am posting this because i have a problem with my monitor on MJK-G3027FGSA-1000.4 and i cant update the firmware i have tried looking it up a lot and i know my way around electronics but everything i have tried does not work

i have tried the firmware on samsungs support website but the monitor does not recognize it even after changing the name

i have tried a firmware for another monitor (MJK-G3024FGSA-1000.4[5BB2].BIN) but it says that the firmware is an older version i have tried naming it to MJK-G3024FGSA-0000.0[5BB2].BIN and MJK-G3024FGSA-1000.5[5BB2].BIN and MJK-G3024FGSA-1001.0[5BB2].BIN but nothing works 

PLEASE help me the thougt of this ruins my monitor in my eyes

Madeleine L

For some monitors there are certain system requirements and which settings the monitor should be set to in order to be able to install drivers / firmwares.

These requirements can be found in the manual which can be downloaded via the website and is stated under chapter 5, and there are also steps for troubleshooting under chapter 6.

Link to website:

Should it be the case that the monitor is set to the correct settings and the troubleshooting in the manual does not remedy the perceived problem, we recommend that you visit the nearest service workshop for further assistance from an on-site technician as it may be that they need to connect to the monitor. 


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