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Keyboard case magnets make the S pen not work

(Topic created on: 22-02-2023 03:40 PM)
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Just got a Samsung tab 8+ with the Samsung keyboard case. I noticed after a while that if I had the tablet in the case it started interfering with the S pens sensitivity. But it seems go get worse every day. There are some big spots (along the side where the tablet connects to the keyboard) on the screen where the pen just doesn't work and when I'm painting (which is what I got the tablet for) it just cut off. Noticed today that it even started doing it on the other side of the tablet where the camera is located. Now I'm scared of using the case cause I'm afraid it will damage the tablet. In this image you can clearly see the spots and how the case affects the pen. What should I do? I've only had the case for 2 weeks.


Emmi S
Community Manager

Hi @ChristofferE 

That does not sound right 🤔 Is the case original Samsung? 

Does the spots appear even if you don't use your case? I would just test to see, and either case contact our customer support to get this sorted out! 😊

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I have the same issue. I have a Tab S8+ and the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard Slim. I have noticed some areas where the S Pen does not draw (see image where I draw lines. Several places the line is broken even if I don't lift the pen).

I tried varous things and discovered that when I remove the cover (which is magnetic) I have no issues. If I put back the cover I have the issues. 

What should I do? I assume the cover is compatible with the tablet and the S pen being produced by Samsung. I have had the table for a week.


Screenshot_20230222_153614_Samsung Notes.jpg