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Just a little dig at samsung

(Topic created on: 12-08-2023 01:45 PM)
Hi all, I watched my son unbox his brand new redmagic phone today, he paid just over £500 for it, in the box he got a charging brick, a clear case, a dongle, a lanyard, a sim ejection tool and stickers.
I paid £1250 cash for my samsung galaxy s23 ultra and got a charging cable and sim ejection tool,
I've been a samsung customer for years and will probably continue to be, but come on Samsung, give us a little more for our money, I'm all for a cleaner environment etc etc, but your taking it to far now.
So I paid £1250 for my phone, then you have to buy a charging brick, a screen protector, a case and a dongle. 
Give us something Samsung, the charging brick in the box for instance, some people will say, if you've been with samsung all these years you must already have a charger, and that's true but it's irrelevant, I paid that amount of money I want a new charger, a simple clear case, a set of wired ear phones like we got back in the day, 
Let's be realistic, disposing of a few charging bricks responsibly is hardly going to make any difference to the planet considering the state its in today,
End of rant.
I'm sure you knew what you were going to get in the box before you paid out that amount of money.
Oh I did, absolutely, it's just seeing what other companies offer customers is kind of annoying.
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Agree its sadly the norm and expected.

That said I feel it is a sustainability disaster by Samsung and other OEMs, here is why.

1. Most buy a new plugs as it usually comes with smarter,.faster charging, result old plugs and cables unused and maybe thrown away.

2. Cases,.watch straps all end up in the bin, even CeX barely give £2 for most, that said my Aramid relieved £15 (paid £50) but again other in the bin and eBay is just not worth it after fees and scammers.

3. Screen protectors - I usually buy multiple packs and change once opaque or too many small scratches, result again lots of plastic in the bin.

4. Cases, a repeat as with the new S20 onwards, I end up buying upto 3 Cases, very useful but again lots of junk, plastic in the bin after an upgrade to a new device.

Sustainability is just as the word suggests, Samsung is not honouring the intent and a plastic polluter.
Regards Obsydian - (Car & Tech Evangelist)

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Agree 100% Obsydian👍
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I'll start with

1. There is a choice nowadays.
Get what you want pay whatever you want.

2. No one is forcing you to buy something. It's your money and your decision how to spend it.

3. I always wanted an iPhone to try but can't get myself to buy it as they are expensive and don't give anything free.

4. All my phone's I have bought since Nokia and pixel and Samsung I have got something free ( mostly headphones , buds, chrome books ) etc.

5. For Android I feel as an all round package Samsung does it well. The Cameras, SPEN, Gallery options, to name a few.

6. I couldn't justify spending thousands on the S22 ultra or even the S23 ultra for the incremental updates from my S21 ultra ( I have the 16gb 512gb one) and is rock solid.

7. I understand you want your monies worth when you compare to other manufacturers offers.
Remember the grass is always green on the other side.

Maybe you should try a different manufacturer that ticks your boxes.

There will be only two outcomes either you will switch for good or be back to Samsung like me. ( I love the Pixel series but Samsung ticks more boxes for me).

Best of luck.
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You could try calling samsung customer service for not getting the charger, i tried they gave me £50 pounds prom code to buy a charger and i bought 65w trioScreenshot_20230812_190341_Gmail.jpg
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Hey @Case1188 

I totally get where your coming from.

I'd love to see Samsung reintroduce the factory fitted screen protector.

I personally use Samsung Wireless Stand or Pad charging units to charge my phone but do understand that the lack of a charging brick can be for some problematic. 

I would hope those that need one turn to Samsung or a well known brand. It concerns me that some may opt for a cheaper mass market option.

Most companies are all about carbon footprints and recycling so understandably striving to cut back on waste and landfill.

I'm sure many would use a bundled jelly tpu case until they upgraded to a case more suited but the concern is then what happens to the bundled case 🤔 

Earphones would be a welcomed return item even I personally use Samsung Buds Live and Pro versions.

Who knows what the future may bring.

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I agree everything is Samsung in my house 🏠 🙂