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Inspirational tech story - Mihika Sharma's Smart Stick

(Topic created on: 04-07-2019 03:38 PM)

You know, one of the great things about working in the online area for Samsung is that you get to know about all sorts of tech-related - but very human - stories. Stories that perhaps don’t always get the amount of light shone on them that they deserve. For example, a kind soul inboxed our UK Facebook with this story yesterday about Mihika and her determination to make a Smart Stick to help blind, partially-sighted and deaf people walk safely and independently:


Amongst other cool stuff, the Stick uses GPS (via a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone) to help generate different motorised vibrations in the Stick for easy, intuitive navigation to a destination. Also helping to generate those vibrations are ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles, and a water sensor at the tip to detect puddles. Potential for a camera using AI to be easily integrated too.


Oh, and it's made by 3D printing. :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:


Tech4GoodAwards also tweeted about Mihika here:


Love to hear stories like this. Dunno about you, but I think that Mihika’s story and work there is genuinely touching, inspirational, ingenious, and well, just downright awesome. :white-medium-star::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


In a place and time where we tend to take technology for granted, it’s easy to forget how lucky some of us truly are, and how advances in technology can make such a real difference to someone’s everyday life. Plus, the source and inspiration for those advances come can from all sorts of places and experiences.


(BTW, just adding that this post is my personal opinion.)

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@AntS More uplifting and inspiring news,  certainly this invention will be most beneficial for the visually impared.

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