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Im a mid eighties newby on Smart Phones with a lot to learn. Is this the appropriate Forum to be on?


I have only been learning about the Samsung J6 for a day or so and every time I open it up I find something else I don't understand.  My first question concerns a Smart Phone cover (Hope that’s the correct term) I would like.

My last SP (hope that’s the correct abbreviation for Smart Phone) had a cover but when I wanted to take a photograph the flap hung down which was inconvenient. I couldn’t fold it back because it blocked the camera lens. Does anyone know of a cover that has an opening in the flap that allows the camera lens to work.

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I don't know of covers that have an opening in the front, there are however covers without a flap at the front but as a result there is slightly less protection (Which can be compensated mostly with a screenprotector).

It looks like I need to find a shop that sells SP covers ad see what they have but the only ones I have seen are those on Motorways.

Make sure to get one made for your phone, all phones tend to be slightly different and due to that it might be frustrating to get the right cover.

In the case of the J series its also important to remember what year its from otherwise you might get an cover from an older J-Series model (Something thats better to avoid).

Many thanks for that.


Welcome to the community @BML, there's loads of helpful people here - just like @SjorsK - who are at hand to help you with anything you need. I hope you're enjoying your Samsung phone so far, just drop myself or one of the other moderaters a message if you need any help! :smiling-face:




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Many thanks for your welcome Tracy. Knowing that I would need advice on managing my new Smart Phone I joined two forums and I have to say how surprised I have been regarding how difficult it is to obtain advice from either of them on matters such as the mundane subject of Smart Phone covers that will allow one to fold the front over the back and still take photographs. As a new starter I have a list of questions starting with the following.

When I switch the SP on a message is waiting which said, “Set up paused, waiting for WI-FI” with a message that mentioned, Play Store” Could someone let me know just what, “Play Store” is and do I really need it because I saw a message on a forum that claimed the person had dumped “Play Store” to save on battery power.


You're welcome! 

I can't really recommend any third party accessories it would be best doing a little research to see one that best suits your needs and style.

Play Store is the app store run by Google, where you can download apps such as Facebook, other social networking and games etc. You won't really need this if you're not planning on having any apps. 

The Play Store wont run your battery down, it will only use battery power (and it will be minimal) if you have it open and are downloading applications.



Say "hello!" and
Introduce Yourself, or virtually hangout in the Samsung Lounge


To add to tracy response: 

The play store does two things - 

1: Gives you the ability to download/purchase applications

2: Updates your applications (To make sure that they are secure and working properly). It of course does that for the most part behind the scenes.


In terms of battery usage: The thing that takes the most of the battery is usually having the screen actually on, normally you will experience a better battery life after the "Honey Moon" period with your phone is over (No worries, thats completely normal!).


Be assured: Experts work tirelessly to make your experience with your phone better over time, I'm as a IT technician (Computer person :winking-face: ) convinced that the play store will effectively have a positive effect on your battery because it will run updates to programs with mistakes :smiling-face: 


Your phone is also extremely smart and will put non-used apps to "Sleep" to make sure that they won't use resources in the background. 


Firstly many thanks for that information and advice which regretably has creatted a few supplementary questions.


When I press the switch on the right hand side of my Samsung J6 the screen lights up for a ten seconds showing two pieces of information which I known not what to do with because I don’t know how un pause the set up.  My desktop computer is switched on all the time I have no idea why the SP is whinging about the download size requiring WI-FI.


There are two pieces of information on the SP screen set out below.



IN GREEN Google Play Store 11.45 with a green tick

Set up paused.

Waiting for WI-FI (320MB)



IN GREEN Download Manager with a green tick

Smart Things

Download size requires WI-FI


I saw a line across the bottom of the SP screen in very small type saying, “Swipe Screen to unlock.” So I swiped across the screen thereby exposing a number of Icons one of which was, “Play Store” which I tapped.

That then showed, “Sign in to find the latest Android apps, games, movies, music & more.


I have no interest in the latest Android, games, movies, music & more.  Am I correct in assuming that I have to invite anything I want onto my SM from Play Store?

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