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Im a mid eighties newby on Smart Phones with a lot to learn. Is this the appropriate Forum to be on?


I have only been learning about the Samsung J6 for a day or so and every time I open it up I find something else I don't understand.  My first question concerns a Smart Phone cover (Hope that’s the correct term) I would like.

My last SP (hope that’s the correct abbreviation for Smart Phone) had a cover but when I wanted to take a photograph the flap hung down which was inconvenient. I couldn’t fold it back because it blocked the camera lens. Does anyone know of a cover that has an opening in the flap that allows the camera lens to work.

Great questions, I love to answer them :winking-face:

- The two items that are paused for waiting for WiFi:
This has actually a good story, back in "my day" when I started with smartphones there where next to no warnings in place, the result was that people did accidentally use more data than their data bundle allowed. Telephone Companies usually charge insane rates if people use more than is allowed by their data bundles. This is especially true for budget providers because this is their primary business model.

There are (overly simplified) 2 ways to get internet to your phone:
- Though the phone provider (Which usually is quite expensive if you have a cheaper subscription)
- Though your internet provider which usually offers a "Box" that allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi. (Usually included in the regular fees.

For budgetproviders its not uncommon to charge 25ct (I'm from the Netherlands :winking-face: so I use this as an example) for every 1 mb that exceeds the limit. By doing a little bit of math (25*320 = 80,000) which translates to approx. 80 pounds for updating one app if its above your limit. Its of course possible to turn this warning off but for someone that just started out with smartphones I recommend otherwise :winking-face:

Phone manufacturers have learned from this and decided to add a safety measure in, not to frustrate to but to protect you.

After unlocking your phone you are on the "Home Screen". The Play store is there placed by default because its usable for most people and its the only easy way to download additional apps. If you don't want any additional apps you can press the app for a few seconds and click on "Remove from Home" (This removes it from the home menu).

Google (The company that creates the play store) also wants to sell additional services though their play store but most people simply use it for the apps. Its one of their ways to make money.


Many thanks for the above SjorsK,

I knew that I should never have started to Open “Play Store” but I did and loaded a number of apps upon which I will seek comments on from the next of my children to visit me because I have no idea if they are Good apps or Bad ones.


There is now a different message on the front of the SP when I open it which I don’t understand.

"Dual Messenger Use two WhatsApps accounts Tap here to install a second copy of WhatsApps."

I then switched the SP off and then on again and found that “Google Play Store 11.45” Waiting for WI-FI (320MB) with a green tick messages was still there but underneath it was “Photo Gallery Successfully installed”

Thats enough excitement for this evening and I get the feeling that I'm slowly learning.

No problem! :smiling-face: I'm happy to be able to introduce you to the new possibilities that are possible with a Smartphone.

The updates are a good thing! This is because not updating things is most likely a security risk. If you didn't open the store it would just have been a matter of time :smiling-face:

"Dual Messenger Use two WhatsApps accounts Tap here to install a second copy of WhatsApps." -> This is useful if you have two phone numbers :smiling-face: For most users its not required. Your phone slowly introduces you to new functionality to not overwhelm you all at once :smiling-face:

Its good to not go too quickly with installing apps. In general the thumb rule it is:
- If you pay for it you own the product
- If you don't pay for it, you are usually the product (Unless its a trial or something). Usually this is by building an advertisement profile for you with your interests. Which is used to serve advertisements.

Due to this I always recommend to use Samsung Apps wherever possible because you paid for them by purchasing your phone.

Some of the "Good Apps" like "Facebook" are kinda infamous for invading your privacy.

For starters I would recommend:
- Samsung Apps (For mail, photo's etc.)
- Whatsapp (Even though its owned by facebook, its one of the most popular text-replacements).
- Youtube (Used to watch videos about pretty much everything)

Something that is more "Dangerous" but you might want to consider:
Facebook - They are kind of infamous for invading your privacy. But its a good way to connect to your family. Most people do however have a facebook profile.

Yet again, many thanks.


No problem Brian,

If you have more questions you know where to find us :winking-face:
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