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I finally got my 85 inch The Frame Tv

(Topic created on: 19-08-2023 01:19 PM)
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Hi, I am Tommy from Sweden. This week I finally got my 85 inch The Frame Tv. And was I in for a treet! This heavy piece fits perfectly to the wall, and  yes it is like a being in an art museum with the provided Art selection. I actually save a lot of money that I else have had to spend to visit the museums and galleries to view the art in place. Overall the TV is superb value for money. And I still have a lot to explore and expand to get the best out of the TV, aSamsung soundbar for example. Looking forward to an exciting new world of TV. 

Being a sport fan I today enjoyed a bronze medal for  the Swedish female National team in the world cup. It was a also the first real test of the capabilities of my new 85 inch The Frame watching the game. Motion, colour and even sound was really really impressive.                          

A day for celebration in other words 🍾

Cheers Tommy

Emmi S
Community Manager

Glad to hear you enjoy your new TV @TG5511  and yes, nice to see bronze! 🤠🍾

(Moved your topic to the Lounge)