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HT-J5500W boot loop

(Topic created on: 03-08-2022 12:48 PM)
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My HT-J5500W blu-ray player is doing the boot loop thing that many other customers seems to have had as a problem prior. I tried to send it to the dealer, however, they never really seemed to do anything about and so when I asked to get it back I received it back dusty and scratched (after a year plus some in their possession).

I saw that it was fixable by sending it to get an update or that it was possible to get a refund, however, everytime I speak to the danish support no one has heard of this problem and are willing to check if it is covered by Samsung. Can someone in here please tell me what I can do with this machine? It has essentially been bricked by Samsung themselves and their danish support is not willing to acknowledge anything.

I am sorry if this is placed on the wrong board, but I have no clue where to put this.