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How did you get in touch with Samsung?

(Topic created on: 24-04-2019 09:39 PM)

We all have Samsung products in our house that we all enjoy, but how did you get originally in touch with Samsung? 😛 And what made you stick around :smiling-face:

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Hi @SjorsK , glad to see you again here!


This is a great question :thinking-face: 


Ten years ago, Samsung was famous to sell Home Appliances so I knew them at least for things related to Home, but my first approach to Samsung mobile phones was due to my friends, that they had Samsung Corby and Samsung Star phones with early OS (Symbian or Bada I don't know). I knew Samsung flip phones too, but I have never looked at them as they didn't seem to be attractive...


At the other side there was me with the Nokia 5200, and eager to try Samsung phones as they have a lot of feature rather than other brands. Nokia phones has a lot of feature too, but I wanted to try other brand, and was Samsung turn.


So, 2008, 2009, and 2010 with that phone when on May 1st 2011 (we are close to 8th birthday :D) I bought my first Samsung phones, the Galaxy Next, that was known as Galaxy Mini outside Italy. And since then I haven't changed brand, as no one can deliver better experience than Galaxy Smartphones and Samsung Ecosystem...


What about you? :smiling-face:


See you soon!

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The story is a bit different for me, 
I have been a "follower" of Samsung for quite some time, but the first product I ever brought was a monitor in 2017/2018, I was happy with it until it died a few years later, considered it died too quickly (In my opinion back than, which was around 5 years which is a fair time) I bought this time one of the competition to explore alternatives.
In the meantime I was watching all the Smartphones since the original Galaxy S, and especially the Galaxy Wave which was super cool (I always was in niche phones, bought my first Android Phone when it still was still not popular). But last minute I decided to wait a few years. Because I tend to jump ship I went into the Windows Phone Boat instead (With the Microsoft Phones, the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 950 for those that are interested :winking-face: ), my choice for that was due to the choice for glass of all other vendors and I simply liked the OS (I mostly used it for business use). Unfortunately the Windows Phone OS died a short time after.... (Will Continue later on this to maintain a chronological order)
In the meantime I bought a new house and switched internet providers and somehow the Media Box of my new provider didn't allow me to control volume, so I had to purchase a TV. I bought one that was only available on the dutch market - Only for the ability to control volumen - I wasn't super happy with the product because I was super el cheapo but it did its job and it was there for the guests.
….Considering Windows Phone died off completely I had to search for a new brand and my choice for price/quality ended up with another dead brand, namely blackberry. In a month I ended up sitting on the phone and "CRACK" so I had to replace the phone because the vendor originally refused to replace it so I ended up buying my Galaxy S7. 
I was quite sour so I was still poking the webshop and the discussion escalated enough for my to create a little website to warn other users to watch out for them ^-^ I gifted the new phone to my mother because I was extremely satisfied with my S7 :smiling-face: 
Now comes the kicker, me TV did break and I was originally kinda disappointed with the service that was delivered (Dutch Topic) to me. This issue actually made me register on the Samsung Community and in the end it got solved by the vendor. The whole case took around 5 months and let say that I was quite engaged with Samsung at the time (Both in a positive and negative way 😛 ).
Anyhow! From one thing comes another, in the end I was quite happy with the service I got (even though it took too long) but I ended up sticking around the community and am slowly in the process of replacing my home appliances with Samsung products.  Until now I'm extremely happy about the service I recieve with that one little exception and I have absolutely no reason to complain ^-^ 
My phone got replaced with the S9+ recently, my old dryer/washing machine died so I decided to replace it with a Samsung all in-one washing/drying machine considering I'm lazy. I will replace my old TV next week. My Sound installation is a Samsung Soundbar. 
Do yep, I can guess you can call myself kinda a fan now, but I had a really critical/sceptical start ^^ 
I guess the following values that Samsung has keep me into Samsung:
Innovative, Secure, Service Oriented (Even though the rocky start 😛 ), Quality, Openness.
With openness I mean that the Samsung Ecosystem is an "Open" ecosystem that it open for competitors. Which means that you are not "stuck" when you buy yourself in (That is for my a key point for even considering buying myself into an ecosystem :winking-face: ). 
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I had an iPhone 6 plus and I wanted to try something new and I saw a poster for the Samsung Galaxy edge. Then I found out about the S7 edge and bought that.