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(Topic created on: 18-01-2023 03:08 PM)

I am hoping some of you technically gifted than me in this group could help me figuring out what why my Samsung QLED 75" Q900R (2018) has started having a very high buzzing sound every time I start up my TV. It is a little over 3 years since I bought it, and I have not had any issues with it as both the picture and sound works fine/flawlessly.

The problem I am experiencing is only when I start my TV - not after the buzz have become quiet. At first it was a not-so-loud buzzing sound that lasted for a few minutes, then it is now a light buzzing (higher than normal “blow”-fan sound) which changed to a higher buzzing after a few seconds (like it is gearing up) and then goes back light buzzing sound again till it stopped. Now the high buzzing sound lasts longer before everything goes quiet again. At first this lasted about 9-12-15 minutes - but then it was a rather high buzzing all the way through which lasted about 26 minutes before going silent again. After that the buzz will not start until I turn my TV off and turn on (start) the TV again.

There are no other issues that I am noticing with my TV. The TV picture is flawless, it works fine even in 4K60Hz on the YouTube app on the TV. There are no issues with the sound from the TV itself. Even the download and upload speed works flawlessly with 104.44 download and 10.43 upload - which is the internet speed I have as an internet connection (100Hz download, and 10 upload). The only flaw I have experienced is with the YouTube app and the stream apps (HBO Max, Netflix and TV2 Play), but I suspect it might be an external internet / WiFi-network problem in which it takes some time to get the videos and its preview-thumbnais loaded when I start the YouTube app, and sometimes a movie or TV-show episode stops in HBO Max, Netflix and TV2 Play app - but I suspect it might be internet or/and WiFi network - as I am not using a cable to connect my TV to the internet. So everything else works flawlessly (that I know of…).

I have checked the temperature on the One Connect Box (OCB) and it use to be very hot, but now it is just “normal hot”, and I suspect the buzz sound does not come from the OCB. The screen panel is not hot or cold - which I seem to remember it used to be hot, which, which I think is strange, but I do not mind - though the buzz sound comes fromt he back panel of the screen. I used to have the TV up on the wall, but now I have it with that stand/“legs” on a TV bench, in which the TV has some more space between the wall and the TV.

This buzzing sound has been going on for about two weeks now. I have done a fabric reset, which did not fix the buzz sound problem. I use my TV a lot during the day and evening/night time. Once or twice during these two weeks, it has happened a few hours after starting the TV and the buzz has ended, but usually it is just a low “fan sound”, which I am guessing indicates either the TV screen panel or OCB regulartes the heat on - but again, the TV screen is not hot.

I suspect it is the fan in the back panel of the TV that makes this “buzz”-sound - but I am not a tech expert. The normal “fan-sound” has not bothered me at all as it has only been a low “zumming sound”, but this rather loud buzz sound I have experienced now is both annoying and a bit concerning.

Can anyone tell me what this is, maybe share experience on how to detect and some check list I should prepare before contacting the Samsung customer service, as I am still within the 5 years “lemon law” thing we have over here in Norway in which we are protected by law as long as we have had an electrical thing with normal use - no accidents or rough use. I am also wondering if this can be fixed through the internet by a tech guy hooking up on my TV, or if I need a technician come over to my home and open up the TV.

If there is anything I can do, or any tips let me know.

Here is a sound clip I made today with the high sounding buzzing sound, which I have uploaded on YouTube - so that you can hear how it sounds:


@Emmi S 

Sorry for my late reply ! I finally got a technician over to change the main board on my TV which had a fan. This fixed the buzzing sound ! By the way, I never got to know what exactly was the problem - but it seems there was something with the fan that made the loud buzzing sound. My TV worked fine, except for the same problem another Samsung 2018 TV owner was describing in another thread with the Chuck Norris 1080p. YouTube video that has the same disturbance  in the picture - and now for a few weeks (maybe a few months) I have had issues again with the 4K videos on YouTube, which I have made a separate forumt-thread about.

Emmi S
Big Cheese

Ok great it go fixed @PeerNorway and the buzzing noise disappeared and it might had something to do with the fan. I saw your other thread, will try to investigate that further here on my part too 😊👍


Thank you for providing great help as always @Emmi S