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Happy new year!

Superuser I
Superuser I

I wish everyone a happy new year and a great 2019 :D 


Unless I have some bad luck here or there I know that this year will be better than my last one! :D 


Some highlights for me that I already have achieved or will achieve. 

  • More money than last year (Not the goal, but always nice to know if you get more than last year ^-^ )
  • Graduate with my education (Hopefully, perhaps ***** Laude. It's still possible ^-^ ). Perhaps start a next one? 
  • Be more healthy than last year (Hopefully no victory dances where I break my feet :) ) 
  • Gotta enjoy at its best ;) 


What do you plan to achieve? :D Any plans or personal highlights for 2019? 



HAPPY NEW YEAR! :white-medium-star::party-popper:


Sounds like you've got some good goals to look forward to!

I moved into a new house in June, been to some new places and on some holidays, it was a good year!


This year I have a few goals:

- Finish up with my driving lessons

- Keep expanding my photography portfolio

- Travel to some more nice places. 


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Superuser I
Superuser I

Happy New Year Guys.


2018 was fine for me all being told.


2019 I'm sure will bring it's highs and lows but hey that's part and parcel of life.





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Happy new to you and everyone else too 😎

 Happy New Year all! :party-popper:


I'm a little late joining this party, seeing as though it's already mid January! (


Hope you've all had a lovely and positive start to the new year – some great goals here too. I have a pretty busy year ahead, but my main goal is to stay positive through all the highs and lows. :white-medium-star:


Hope you all achieve your goals and take care. :sun-with-face:


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