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GERMANY,UK and EU must protect us agains samsung ,and not let it disrespect thier citizens

(Topic created on: 21-03-2021 02:55 PM)

germany ,uk and EU must force samsung give fair warranty for mobiles as they sell over priced mobile ,for Bad quality build mobiles. and this must be like this.

1- International warranty

2- 5years warranty to insure good quality mobiles

3- no need for reciepe or prove of purchase( as its there product and must Serve every User.

4- samsung must Service scratched or Dents mobile under warranty( used products always have scratch or dents,

5_ as the display glass not broken samsung must repair display under warranty(Black dots,dead pixel) must be under warranty

.6 -in case of repairing apart in mobile, faulty part must Handed to owner of mobile, or samsung must buy it from owner.

7-  in case of rejecting must adetailed report why rejecting the warranty,

8- no fees when checking mobile for acostomer( its samsung responsibility for thier product).

9- care plus warranty must registered automatically when its free for one of the mobile models.

as they charge much for products , agood Service must provide germany, uk  and EU must insure this for its citizens

Black Belt 
in an ideal world your list of wants would be very nice but it will never happen. 2 years is the current EU regulation for consumer electronics warranty periods. If Samsung or anyone else tries to wriggle out of that you can take them to court over it.

Incidentally I got a 5 year warranty off Oreck UK for an air purifier by arguing the fact that's what it says on the product box and their website. They however included a warranty for 2 years in the box and I argued that point with their customer service. I have it in writing my product is covered for 5 years and a policy end date on my registration details in line with that. It wasn't cheap but is very efficient and that 5 years is up this year actually. It is still working like new
Black Belt 
This is it, almost as big as a PC, that's a UV filter behind the fans. Picture taken with my Tab A7, not exactly the worlds best camera but I didn't buy it for that feature anyway.