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Galaxy Awesome Unpacked wrap-up

(Topic created on: 19-03-2021 11:41 AM)
Samsung Lounge


For those who missed it (and, if you’re busy doing stuff like influencing and connecting with other peeps, you might have done), figured I’d post a replay of Galaxy Awesome Unpacked – which features the new Galaxy A Series 2021.


Although I’d be much more interested in what you think, here’s my first impressions.


I think the new A Series devices look good, and pack "oomph" and substance to match. From the screen; battery; sound; performance; 5G capability for the A32 and A52; IP67 water resistance for the A52 and A72; the A52 5G’s 120Hz refresh rate... Or stuff like Music Share; Quick Share; Private Share; and SmartThings Find (which will work with Galaxy SmartTags). It comes across more like a 'premium' than 'mid' series of smartphones. I guess that's what they mean by "awesome is for everyone".


But, as I’m over the age of 30, I’m not sure if I should have one, as I’d be wary of being seen as someone who’s trying to be “down wiv tha kidz”. 😄


I’d love to hear other people’s take. Even if it’s just a vote on whether I can still get away with wearing a baseball cap at a jaunty angle without looking a bit daft…


Oh, and I may have made an ‘Introducing the all-new Awesome A Series 2021’ topic here if you want to check out a quick take of the spec and features of the new lineup.