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Free Samsung Galaxy Watch Active if you buy an eligible phone within a certain timeframe.

(Topic created on: 15-05-2020 08:55 PM)
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Superuser II
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Just been browsing my Samsung Members App and have just seen this in the Benefits section.


Sadly I've already purchased my Samsung Note 10+ 5G on launch date so I'm not eligible to create a claim.  😞


I'm in the UK so not looked into the T&C's of this offer to see if it is country / region specific.


What an awesome offer !!What an awesome offer !!




Current Phone > Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

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Hi there samsung Community.

I'm sure I'm not the only person with this issue and I am feeling the need to voice it hear as I have phoned Samsung and have gotten a very blunt response also tweeting had no response. This is in regards to the free active watch promotion. I was extremely unlucky to have bought my s20ultra 4 or less hours before the promotion started.Screenshot_20200507-125343_Chrome.jpg

Now my issue is I could easily return my device to the retailer and receive a replacement device that would be purchased within the qualifying time frame but my reasons for 8 device's in my home being Samsung not including the broken Samsung phones and TV's is because I loved there ethos of helping our inviroment and being environmentally friendly even now on there latest flagship device the s20ultra that have a number of donations services for a number of world problems from world hunger to saving the environment . I am a environmentally friendly member of society and this earth. The retailer I received the phone from does not have a store to return the device in person. witch would mean I am going to have to send a perfectly working phone back to the retailer via post costing the environment then thay would send me a new device again via post costing envioroment again also my original device will be sold at a cheaper cost or recycled along with used head phones and charger. Then I would apply for my watch receive it via post costing enviroment again so in complete 4 times thay would have to deliver goods for me to receive a watch I am entitled to as there was no advice to wait one hour to save myself 150 pounds or more .is anyone else in this situation I would rather resolve this issue with Samsung i have spoke to customer service claims compartment and basically was told there was nothing she could do even though my actions will have a negative impact on the environment. Due to there actions. I await your response 

Mr Marc O'Reilly

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thats nothing i got a faulty ear buds from pre order of S20+, promo team said i reported after 30 days so cant replace it, i call support they say they cant repair it due surrent situation so have not had any use of them for months.


To add insult to injury they offering the galaxy watch to new customers wtf?


I never wanted to be that guy but you do Suck




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Samsung always have treated the customers who buy their products first and in many cases continue the unfinished beta testing like p00p.