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Delivery progress not displaying

(Topic created on: 26-07-2023 09:12 PM)
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Hi, i purchased the  s23 ultra online exclusive exactly one month ago and it still hasn't arrived. I contacted support and they told me it'd arrive before the end of the month (which im very doubtful of).

I have never once recieved any updates regarding what stage the order of my phone is in via email or elsewhere. I've recieved both my battery pack and trade in kit which were included as part of the deal so now the only thing i have left to recieve is the actual phone. (I'm logged into my samsung account when looking at my order)

The arrival date also displays the 17th which is more than a week ago, rather odd.

Now onto my issue: For some reason the bar that displays your order progress shows up gray/blank and doesn't even show any progress like it did for my battery pack. I'm not sure whether or not this is a visual glitch or something but I've not seen anyone else experience this issue. It appears as if i haven't even purchased it, even though i have.  Screenshot 2023-07-26 205414.jpgScreenshot 2023-07-26 210732.jpg


Note how the battery pack displayed  its entire delivery route in black/blue whilst my phone just shows up as gray, like it hasnt even been processed.

I'd at least like to know how things are coming along with my delivery, but i cant even see that. Support just tell me that "its on its way", but seeing an actual progress bar would be reassuring. 


Hopefully someone can help, thanks.



I would assume it's because the online exclusive phones are produced after the order is registered. If you look at the Store page, it says(I assume you are swedish) "Online exklusiva färger skapas vid beställning. Uppskatta upp till 4 veckor för leverans.".

And the first step in the progress bar is "beställning skapad", which may mean that the product has not yet been produced. And since your phone is most likely not manufactured yet, due to it being created at the time of sale, unlike the power bank that was already manufactured and in stock.

Therfore the first step on the progress bar should light up only after the phone is produced.


Emmi S
Community Manager

Hi @kyle21 

Thanks for getting in touch! Just as @BigGaben wrote below Online Exclusive devices have longer delivery date, as they are manufactured after the order is made 😊

However, I can still have a look for you! Please send me your order number, name and email to me in a PM 🙌