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Customer Support unable to answer question about student discount

(Topic created on: 24/02/21 14:25)
New Member
Samsung Lounge

Please tell me if this question is in the wrong place!

I am interested in buying the Samsung Q60T QLED and Q60T soundbar. Using the student discount website this costs £1.015.20 (including 10% discount). On the standard website this combination costs £878.50 (with soundbar deal). I wanted to know if it was possible to include the standard student discount with this offer. I phoned customer services and was on hold for 50 minutes. When the operator answered the call they said they couldn't help me with this query. I asked if there was anyone else who might help me with this question. I was then put on hold for a further 10 minutes before I gave up. I tried using the 'live chat' product support but they directed me back to the same phone helpline.

Can anyone advise me how I might get a clear answer to this question? The poor customer service doesn't encourage me to go ahead with any purchase from Samsung.