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Concerning news

(Topic created on: 03-07-2022 11:03 AM)
Helping Hand

We all know, Xiaomi gives Samsung a hard time, better phones, better chops - snapdragons everywhere, lower prices for the same makret share flagships, with the same or higher quality, now much better camera, and so on:

tomorrow is the release of Xiaomi's 12 pro and ultra phones. 

I wonder how samsung will respond to this challenge? 

Depending on how samsung responds, another question may arise, shall we keep giving our hard earned cash to samsung, or shall we start giving our hard earned cash to Xiaomi. Either way Samsung's customer support is below satisfactory, some senior users performance is also less than satisfactory, and others senior users bluntly telling customers this is samsung love it as it is or if you want a working phone buy an iphone, makes me ask myself about loyalties and to whom i shall give my hard earned cash. So far i think on listening to this senior user and buy a xiaomi, because i want working phone, i do not want to feel discriminated by being sold some abomination of a failure called exynos, i am proud citizen o EU and i refuse to be taken for inferior person by samsung and to be given the inferior processor. I am equally as good citizen as Canada and US and i deserve on equal basis the superior Qualcom Snapdragon CPU, and i firmly believe i should be offered the same snapdragon CPU on the same equal basis. after all i pay the same price as US and canada citizens pay, why should i like and agree to be discriminated by inferior processor for the same price as the superior processor. 


Sorry Samsung, but it appears our pahts might separate if you do not step up your game, or we might stay happily together if you wake up from your slumber, open your eyes and see what is happening and react accordingly. 

its your choice samsung, its your move. 

The FACT that i PRETEND to believe you, DOES NOT mean i actually believe you.
Yeah, what this guy said 🙌🙌 sort your ***** out Samsung.
Samsung Members Star ★
Depends on what you want from a device.
Personally I don't particularly like the Xiaomi UI.
They have come a long way recently with their phones, but they produce so many at such a rate. The phones quickly become forgotten about.

For me personally, I get on better with the Samsung UI and having stuff like the S Pen are really a useful tool.
I'm not crazy about the look of One UI. Prefer the look Samsung's UI from before.
The Exynos chipset, I have had no issues with. Though I do know some have had problems with their phones.

Though to say the Snapdragon chipset is all wonderful and superior. There have been a lot on forums that are complaining about issues with performance and heating of those chipsets.
So it's swings and roundabouts.

Really to put into perspective, the difference people make a big issue with what's on paper. But in real world use for most users, there won't be any noticeable difference.

Even Google are using the Exynos chipset as a base for their Tensor chipset.
So there is obviously potential and further future software optimisations will hopefully refine things.

I still think Samsung's One UI could do with more refining and lightening as I think it's still too heavy.
Be great if they could give an option to use a more vanilla version of Android.
But I think they are going in the right direction still
Helping Hand

@Glenntech Thank you for your answer, my impression is that Android itself as underlying OS and the majority of apps are heavily optimized for Snapdragon, hence the performance of snapdragon based phones. From pure hardware perspective, exynos is not that bad. Mostly the performance improvements we get with updates are when Samsung optimizes for Exynos instead of Snap dragon. is my impression correct?

The FACT that i PRETEND to believe you, DOES NOT mean i actually believe you.