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Concept for a Galaxy S23 Pro model

(Topic created on: 12-03-2022 03:12 PM)

I had an idea for a product to complement next year's Galaxy S23 offerings. While the S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra are expected, what if Samsung were to offer a bonified "Prosumer" device that delivers hardware similar to what professionals actually use?

What I propose is the Galaxy S23 Pro. It would essentially be the S23 Ultra but with some added features, including:

  • 1 TB model only (I doubt micro-SD is coming back, but that could work too)
  • Removable 5,000 mAh battery (easier to pop out a battery and put in a fresh one while shooting than have to wait for the current dead one to recharge)
  • USB 4 Type C with 40 Gb/s transfer speed (ideal for transferring video and RAW photos from the phone to a computer/tablet)
  • Headphone jack (ideal for microphone input while recording)
  • A small OLED screen next to the camera array on the rear, like on the Z Flip 4 (great for selfies and vlogging)

This phone, in essence, would be a pro-camera setup on the go. In conjunction with the camera improvements I suggested in my previous post, namely native 10-bit HDR recording in all modes, this phone could act as the go-to device for vloggers and anyone who wants the absolute best camera setup with also the best Android experience (One UI with Samsung's commitment to updates).

This device would compete head to head with the Sony Xperia Pro-I, beating it in key areas such as:

  • Updates (sooner, more frequent and for longer)
  • Software customization (One UI and Good Lock)
  • Built in selfie/vlogging screen, instead of an extra accessory
  • S-Pen functionality for remote camera control and more precision editing on the phone
  • Availability 

This device for undoubtedly be expensive, but I think it would be a massive winner for tech enthusiasts, photographers/videographers/filmmakers and affluent customers who want "the best". 

Samsung, the ball is in your court if you want to capitalize on this. 

Your suggestions would certainly allow the pro user to benefit from the extra features which you have suggested. Removable battery isn't viable as it means that the already sealed board & components can be exposed to moisture getting in. This is always an issue for the manufacturer to overcome & that's why SD storage has been removed, along with the headphone jack. Eventually charging port will go to & we will use wireless charging instead as speeds for this function are increasing.
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Hi, i am a 3D designer. i'm planning to create a S23 Ultra concept.

i need some details. please tell me about it.