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Community Weekly News - w. 6

(Topic created on: 10-02-2021 01:54 PM)

Nordic Newsletter w. 6

Can you believe we are already on the sixth week of this year? Time flies! This week we are announcing something exciting for all of you using the Community - and with a chance to win something special in the name of love 😍


Community News 👬👫👭

Valentine's Day contest (TBA)

On Friday we are publishing a Valentine's Day contest. We want you to spread the love with your Galaxy. Share a photo of anything that makes your heart sing for a chance to win the new Galaxy Buds Pro. More info coming soon!

The Ultimate TV Show

Samsung analysed Swedish TV habits and has now released The Ultimate TV show - a recipe for the ultimate TV show.


Samsung News 🇳🇴🇸🇪🇩🇰🇫🇮🌍

4 hidden features on your wearables that will simplify your everyday life

Samsung’s smartwatches and earbuds come with features that add convenience and simplicity to your daily routine. Here are four hidden features on Galaxy wearables you need to know about.


Tech News 🌍

Hyundai's TIGER

Their  'ultimate mobility vehicle' concept is the size of a housecat.

Twitter's pandemic growth is slowing down

Last year the Covid-19 pandemic and the US presidential election helped Twitter boost their user base to new heights. This year however, the company is expecting things to slow down.


That's all for this week, look after each other 🤝

// ElinH