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Community Weekly News - w. 48

(Topic created on: 27-11-2020 05:01 PM)
Samsung Lounge

Nordic Newsletter w. 48

Hello everyone! Here comes number three of our weekly newsletter to keep you all in the loop in these uncertain times, a little update for you to scroll through. Feel free to message me with any headlines you think should appear here 🗞


Community News 👬👫👭

Tips for interviewing remotely

Head to the Newsroom to check out the latest articles. We now have a whole bunch very relevant to living and working during a pandemic. Tips on how to work from home, staying fit and having fun are all found there! 

Latest in the Lounge

This week we are all sharing our fave Samsung photos in The Photo Thread. Come join us!


Samsung Nordic News 🇳🇴🇸🇪🇩🇰🇫🇮

The Premiere starts selling in the Nordics

Cinema at home anyone? The Premiere, our 4K triple laser projector is now on the market.

Black Friday (SE, DK, NO, FI)

Today is the day! Have you managed to get a hold of everything you wanted?


Samsung Global News 🌍

Missing Masterpieces

The world's most wanted exhibition, an exclusive digital collection of rare and treasured masterpieces, with all the mysteries that surrounds stolen art and missing paintings. And you can watch it on your TV!



Latest in Tech 👩‍💻

The ultimate lightsaber guide

Star Wars much? This article will tell you everything you need to know about this elegant weapon. Are you green, blue, red or white?

Underwater mapping could save our oceans

As our oceans and its reefs are hurting, new technology hope to understand environments better in order to protect them.


That's all for this week, enjoy your weekend!

// ElinH