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Change Username?


Hi, I'm trying to change my username (blame my fat fingers when registering!)- searching, I saw a guide from Dec 2018 showing how to do this, but there no longer seems to be an option 😞 It's annoying, as you cant create a new account as it's linked to your Samsung Account! Does anyone know if you can change your username, and if so, how?


Many Thanks!

Preston Lancashire uk

Hi @Rainy ! Just sent you a Private Message about changing your username. :smiling-face:

hi that would be great but could you send me info so I can do it myself then I will know how .

@Rainy , Only the Community Admin and Moderators have the ability to edit usernames.

Ok then that would be brilliant
This is all new to me

Hi am 39 I have had my Galaxy s10 for 2 weeks now, my other mobil was Galaxy j5. I love Samsung Galaxy range mobiles. My hobby is l love to read vampire Romance and mystery s, 

Great to have you on board, @Rainy!

Thanks. Could I ask if you have any advice on earbuds affordable and good

There can only be one answer to that, @Rainy and that's our next generation Galaxy Buds! Have a look here.

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