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Can't Verify It's Me.

(Topic created on: 01-10-2021 05:48 AM)
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Alright, I am running out of ideas.


I recently came back to Android after about 2 years. I now can't log into my Samsung account anymore. (I never used my samsung account when I was using an iPhone).

First, it keeps sending my two-factor to my old phone number. (I feel terrible, poor person is probably thinking they are getting hacked or something). Now it is just forcing me to "call for the code" and it isn't a number I have had for over 2 years.

I can't remove the phone number either, It wants me to verify and demands a IMEI and Serial Number from a previous device. Well, Like most people, I traded in that phone over 2 years ago. I tried looking through old emails and I can only find the Model and Serial ID for my old device, no IMEI. I tried looking through my phone company emails as well and came up empty handed.

I am absolutely stuck. I tried live chat and my 15 minute wait has sat for 8 hours now. I tried calling during business hours and I never can get through.

I understand the protection, but this is to a level of absurdity. Any help would be appreciated. I just want access to my account and a phone number I have zero access to, to be removed.



I also tried calling 


and it said that it was an invalid number and the call couldn't be completed as dialed.


I am at a loss.🙃

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Hi @Snickerz ! I rescued your post from the clutches of the board's spam auto-filter.


Which country are you based in? (Samsung account contact details vary between countries, and that number is for UK Samsung account ones.)


And have you tried contacting the Samsung account team by > Samsung account > 1:1 Enquiry > Contact us/Contact numbers?