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brand new un8000F series TV and AppleTV box issue

(Topic created on: 14-12-2022 05:20 PM)
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Hello long time Samsung TV owner first time I have posted. I have multiple Samsung tv's I just upgraded my Mancave TV from a 39" 5 series tv to a 43" Au8000 series tv. Tame hook up that I have had for a few years just took one TV off the wall and put on the new one. I have dish network connected to the tv as well as an aApleTV box.   the new TV apple TV is unwatchable. I have it in HDMI2 just like the other TV when I watch it doesn't matter what app I'm using on the Apple box the screen blacks out and come right back on again it's cyclical it happens every 10 to 20 seconds it makes it unwatchable. it only blacks out for many a half second.  It's like the Box pauses and then starts back up on its own.  I have the apple box set to match frame rate in the settings.  When I first hooked up the box to the TV and turned it on the tv said it was matching the settings or something like that.  I have 2 apple TV boxes and they both do the same thing. the second box I have hooked up to a 65" 8 series TV that is maybe 3 years old not an issue. the 5 series TV no issues this new TV it's impossible to watch anything on the TV using the apple box.  the HDMI input for Dish works flawlessly.  Not sure if it's a TV issue, settings issue or compatibility issue. Frustrated. Thank you in advance. 

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To check whether this can be solved, we also have the option to watch with you remotely. You can then make an appointment for a Remote Assistance session, one of my colleagues will call you back and watch with you remotely. My colleague can also make an adjustment or change settings where necessary. See here for more information:


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