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Bought a s22 ultra phone - service

(Topic created on: 20-12-2022 06:57 PM)
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I Live in Finland and bought a s22ultra new phone from the store end of October. I liked android phone thats why I  specially bought this phone. But when I started to use phone I noticed that there is some issue with the hearing speaker problem. Then I went to the store and they send me to Samsung support centre and they told me I need to give my phone for repair. They checked and told me they need to changed the speaker. This is so strange that why the new phone needed to change speaker. its new phone and if there is some manufacture problem then they should replace the phone with new one. But the store and Samsung support centre both are denied to replace with new one. I think this is not fair because I did not do anything with speaker and its new one so they should replace it not the change the speaker only. I am looking forward some solution from you. I do not know where I need to contact thats why I am writing here. Thank you! 

Emmi S
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Hi @S22 ULTRA 1 

Congratulations to your new phone but sorry to hear about your issue. You are going about the process right, if its not within the return policy period (to the store you bought it from/ you need to contact Samsung Support for further help.

First the phone will be checked in a service center/service partner to be repaired, this is the procedure. If the phone can not be fixed, then there will be a credit done. 

But start by taking contact with Samsung Support 😊

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I should start with clarifying that I do not work for Samsung support.

Samsung offers a generous 30 days free return policy. That means if you find anything wrong with your device you could just return it with no questions asked. And even when they ask questions it's more for the statistics. Once the trial period passes, you own your device and are fully responsible for it. Of course you only own the hardware, samsung, android and their partners can still deny you any software services if so they decide but that holds true for all OEMs.

The law dictates that manufacturers have to replace, fix or refund purchases of defective products (whichever is possible). If samsung technical support finds out that your device has some defective peice of hardware they will have to replace that part. In the event of them not being able to replace the defective part they will have to offer either a replacement device or a (full) refund. Usually they replace your device. However, in the event where offering a replacement isnt feasible they must offer a refund. The amount you get as a refund depends on the age of your device. Please keep in mind that Samsung reserves the rights to charge 20% off the original price a year.

Also, when you get a replacement device often times it's not a brand new device. It's rather a refurbished. Which means you get a returned, or defective device that has been fixed.

I should get paid for the time I took to write this, LOL. Hope it helped though. 😁