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Black Friday Deals

(Topic created on: 14-11-2022 01:50 PM)
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The Black Friday Deals Samsung have in the US are really fantastic compared to their deals in the UK and possibly other countries.

Below is an example of one deal available now as part of this Black Friday.

Fold 4 - Regular Price - $1800

Less discount/Trade-In - $450

Now, that's what I call a deal! 

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Hi @FoyleFlyer Yes this has been discussed on the Community a fair bit.  Whilst some may feel disadvantaged the Us tends to get better deals and has the advantage of being a bigger market. However goods are quoted in the States without the  sales tax.  You also have to factor in fluctuating exchange rates and differing costs in various markets. Some matters discussed here 

However there  is currently a £200 discount on the S22 Ultra and Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 for instance. Offers 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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Hi @FoyleFlyer 

Yes I'd agree sone regions can appear to be offered some nice deals and promotions that we in the UK cannot take advantage of.

However we in the UK have enjoyed better offers nowadays than in the past.

I recall we were only offered Trade In Deals and certain storage capacities of phone's, and now we are offered more promotional offers in the way of tech such as Buds etc so that's definitely improved. 👍

Also Samsung have also been known to offer a discount for showing an interest in a soon to be launching new product.

Keep an eye in the Benefits Section of your Samsung Members App 😉 

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Il fallait se  méfier de l'offre Black Friday sur les TV (valable du 18 nov au 28 nov) : je me suis fait arnaquer !!!

L'offre proposait un remboursement de 50€ pour l'achat de TV   Qled de 43 pouces de références Q6xB   ; j' ai acheté le 18 novembre une TV QE43Q68B. Quand j'ai voulu remplir le formulaire sur le site Samsung, cette référence n'était pas proposée (seules les références Q60B, Q65B, Q67B  étaient éligibles !!!!).

 J'ai contacter plusieurs fois le service client Samsung qui n'a rien voulu savoir , contre toute logique !!!

Bref une belle arnaque ; j'ai acheté cette TV à cause de la promotion Black Friday , et elle m'est refusée contre toute honnêteté .

Je n'achèterai plus de produit Samsung