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What is ur most fav movie ever?

Theresa edwards

Come on now, @Theresa40, you can't start a thread without mentioning yours! Mine is Blade Runner. Nigh on perfect film. 

100% The Green Mile. Makes my emotions run so high every time ❤️

Fun fact: I've had The Green Mile on DVD for 18 years and still haven't seen it. Pretty much know what happens though (loads of people spoiled it). 

No way, CarlH! You need to watch it all the way through, it's so good! The Green Mile is closely followed by my second favourite: Dirty Dancing. :face-with-tears-of-joy:

Whilst a fan ofThe Green Mile and Blade Runner, I prefer The Shawshank Redemption (another Stephen King adaptation)  which is certainly one  one of my top ones  and whilst it was not a great success in the cinema  at the time became a fave after the video/DVD releases.


I will also mention A Beautiful Mind, Lord of The Rings (Return of The King) ,The Matrix and The Exorcist, though quite a few I enjoy.




Inception is also great. And gosh... The Matrix, definitely one of my favorites :smiling-face:

The old blade runner or the new version?

Theresa edwards
Love love love inception. Best movie i have seen, even though i had to watch it 4 times to understand it.😀
Theresa edwards

There's quite a few films I like. (Some of which are quite good too. :winking-face:)


But for sheer personal experience:


Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring (Theatrical Version) - As a massive Tolkien fan, I love the Extended Version's additional Tolkien geekery. But when I saw it in the cinema, the Theatrical Version completely blew me and my scepticism away; had a perfect pace and flow; made me forget that I know the story backwards; and had me falling in love with that story all over again.


Honorable mentions to both The Matrix and the 1986 animated Transformers movie (the first movie I saw in the cinema) too; both of which had me completely spellbound when I first saw them on the big screen.

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