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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Thought I would start this thread on AI,  there is an upcoming Microsoft Event Future Decoded which will explore some of the fields and interesting questions arsing -31 October to 1 November which will be streamed live if interested  in any of it  More details here  Information from the 2017 event also available, also short video Decoded 2017 Highlights


I'll also include work Samsung has been doing in this area  with some details from the AI forum in September


With regard to the latest recent  developments would say areas that have most caught my attention are Virtual Agents,   Automated Hardware, Optimised  Hardware, Biometrics (which can creat emore natural interactions between touch, speech  and body reactions)  Robotic processes,  Digital Twin Modelling, Cyber Defences, Empowering Workers (despite risks in some area of undoubted benefit in medical and legal circles). Undoubtably potential benefits which will assist us all in daily life.  some more detail Much scope with  Content Creation (for instance one tool Wibbitz can quickly create content from written documentation).   Emotion Recognition is certainly an interesting concept  which can have application in the entertainment and business arenas. We are all familiar with voice recognition but continually advancing.   Detail of 14 applications, some will be more familiar than others.


A few recent  articles which may be of interest:


Predictions for 2019 when AI will be big news,Advantages and Pitfalls for New Developments   Forbes- AI 2019


 Gaming Developments


Benefits/Risks Coupled with Myths


Technolgy/Ethics and Other Issues



Just including video here of quick resume of AI AI in 5 Minutes

A few more  interesting  articles I thought I would share.


AI has been increasingly used in  music  but whilst the scale may have changed it is not exactly a new phenomenon, as far back as the 90's David Bowie created an app called the Verbasizer which randomly changed lyrics.    It can be  a usefull tool to enhance the musuc creating process, though of course there is the danger  if machines given too much control of it being overly formulistic.   Though throughout the years there has always been a mixure of original and standardised output.


With continuing debate surrounding the ethics, that Google have set up  an Advisory Board. However without straying into politics just to say that some of the board members have been contoversial   due to past public statements  , though in terms of experience and credentials board members appear to  of a high standard overall.   Board will deal with some of the complicated issues when AI  causes concerns and some countries use of it will not be used to benefit the public.


if you are not particularly artistic, Ai generated software from  Nvida    could be of a great benefit.  Whilst not the only one of its kind does seem a bit more advanced, though the technology bound to develop further over time.


Ai could involve trade offs, at one end if the scale  less need to do  mundane tasks and thus more creative though if it becomes  pretty advanced     will there be a tendency to think less for ourselves?   Good example in  terms of apps but different view of where we shall go.    In the future shall humans be changed out of recognition and have less conscious thoughts or will  we have the best of both worlds with the technology enhancing our being?  Some view possibility of   being less keen to question certain sources and to an extent that is true today- information society for i nstance can become "disinformation"   However important to emphasise the many benefits of technology.





I love this quote from Norbert Wiener: “We are but whirlpools in a river of ever-flowing water... We are not stuff that abides, but patterns that perpetuate themselves.”


I'm currently reading Frankenstein. Remarkable how prescient and profound the 18-year old Mary Shelley was in the early 19th Century.

@AntS wrote:

I love this quote from Norbert Wiener: “We are but whirlpools in a river of ever-flowing water... We are not stuff that abides, but patterns that perpetuate themselves.”


I'm currently reading Frankenstein. Remarkable how prescient and profound the 18-year old Mary Shelley was in the early 19th Century.

Yes a great one-a fan of Mary Shelley too (though a while since I've read Frankenstein)

I've noticed an AI event at the Barbican, London on 15 June, Speakers for instance from the  Executive Director Partnership on AI  Terah Lyons, Author of The Creativity Code Marcus Du Sautoy and Chief Decision Scientist at Google Cassie Kozyrkov.


For those fortunate to attend there would be an opportunity to visit the AI Test Lab and Last AI-More Than Human Tour does sound interesting.


Anyway should find out more about it later. 



An interesting article on how AI is transforming finance:


AI is enhancing services and creating new personalised experinces, whilst also making transactions easier.   Bank of America has its own digital assistant Erica  which is abled to transfer money and make some other more involved transactions to greatly assist some customers.  However there are limitations and  some more complicated matters require the human touch. 


Voice shopping is another  innovation which has been used in varying degrees by companies such as Amazon and Starbucks. In the future you will be able to shop quickly by paying digitally, Amazon has started the move away from cashier shopping with it's Amazon Go stores where  the account automatically charged  However there were teething problems and not yet on a major scale.


Another area where AI can be utilised is in the field of credit checks, system could go far beyond the traditional method by incorporating digital foot prints  as patterns can be found which determine trustworthiness.   Singapore start up  Lendoo has starting using AI logarithms in this regard.    More details below.

Some information from the Google IO event    (though innovation a better term really)


As well as unveiling new handsets -Pixel 3 and Nest Hub Max, Google  also trailed  advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The Assistant will have a major speed boost -- apparently no longer have to say "Hey Google" due to  to onboard algorithmic models.  Duplex is coming to Chrome  which is beneficial for such things as Ticket purchases and car hire.    search will soon have AR capabilities,    the upcoming Android Q will have more smart features.


Can see some more details here


Samsung are planning on creating a fair few jobs worldwide in relation to AI development apparently:

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