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a long time user of Samsung tvs tablets and phones

(Topic created on: 13-04-2022 10:55 PM)
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After using multiple expensive Samsung products and recommending them for years I'll personally be telling anyone who asks for my advice to avoid the Samsung brand. Anti consumer practices like disabling features upon 3rd party repairs , making repairs impossible on devices , devices barely living past their warranties and being outlived / outperformed by vastly cheaper brands , hardware being disabled on devices where you have OEM unlocked the device , all of these issues compiled together tells me as a consumer that Samsung does not have my security or privacy as a concern at all the only concern with Samsung devices is their monopoly on your data and wallet for repairs on devices that are purposefully designed at a lower standard than long living high quality devices previously sold by Samsung , I used to enjoy Samsung products but now when I see the devices in people hands / homes I feel pity for them having been essentially scammed by current Samsung business models which prefers replacement / secondary tertiary sales rather than durability or longevity of device , Samsung has become a massive producer of fancy e-waste eg-  the z-fold z-flip " for parts "  . Until I see a massive change in Samsung's sales and design practices I will not be using / purchasing products and I will explain all of these issues to anyone who asks my opinion of Samsung ,

Tldr , Samsung is a dissapointment in the tech world and doesn't care about destroying their brand over false security issues , you will not own the product but they will say your happy 

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Is this all personally experienced by you. If so you have been extremely unfortunate
Apart from the poor customer service on my S22 Ultra order.
It's been OK for me
I have a very old Galaxy Note Fan Edition. This was still getting updates until recently
It's Google that dictates how long android devices get supported for. So really dependant on them to extend the support which they won't do sadly
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No, Google do not dictate how long devices they don't make get updates for. That is solely down to the OEM. LineageOS is further proof of that since it's contributers utilise Google's AOSP to support devices long after the OEM has abandoned them
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  Samsung have recently extended software support  for  new and recent Devices to 4  years of Os updates and 5 years of security patches 

I appreciate that not everyone will have a great experience but would not agree with some of these points. Samsung's knox security generally gets good ratings and provides many layers of protection,though no system is perfect and there have been some vulnerabilities. 

A new privacy Dashboard was introduced with Android 12 where you can check permissions, limit information collected and delete your advertising Id for instance. See more here  However all big tech companies will track. See some detail here 

Samsung have teamed up with Fixit to offer a self repair service  for Galaxy Devices,whilst only Us at the moment may well extend to Europe in due course 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

My Device- S21 Ultra 5G ( SM-998B/DS ) CSC= BTU , 12GB/256GB
One Ui 5.1,Android 13 .