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A Dialogue at the Medical center 👇

(Topic created on: 01-12-2022 07:40 AM)
Samsung Lounge

Mr Sam was a 45 year old person went to a medical clinic for a routine medical check up. While he was waiting for his turn, the person seated next to him started some conversation.
Peter: Mr Sam, do you take alcohol regularly?
Sam: No. I don't take alcohol at all.
Peter: Are you a heavy smoker?
Sam: No. I do not smoke at all
Peter: Have you any extra marital affairs?
Sam: No. I am not even married.
Peter: Do you eat pork, mutton or beef?
Sam: No. I am a pure vegetarian
Then Mr Peter told: Mr Sam, Why do you want to live long? Better you die early... Go home man 


 Have a good day guys.. This is my set break time, its all about Lats today