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12 months free Disney + code- 50 days and waiting

(Topic created on: 21-05-2022 09:21 PM)
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Hello, since I have submitted my Disney+ claim I haven't got the email with the code yet... and every single time I get in touch for an update all I get is "rest assured, we are working on it, it has been escalated, please rest assured..." Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. I feel like we have to beg for something that has been advertised when we got the products. Not to mention there is no complaints system in place, all I got was a manager who didn't even apologize for calling 2 days later that promised and did absolutely nothing about my complaint, on the contrary, he just closed the case lol.


Is anybody else in the same situation?

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There has been a few threads on this in the Samsung s²² series boards to ehich some information in them may help vua a forum search @Members_elTQGQ4 


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I'm in the same boat 49 days now and same experience when contacting them but I won't give up I want what's owed.
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Im Also waiting not as long as you guys with 50 days geez but it has been over the 28 days they stated it takes to send a code. It's acc pretty ridiculous they can treat consumers like this. Its not like there's a chip shortage for a generated code. We already had to wait weeks for the phone its not putting samsung in a good light. Samsung get us our codes I wanna watch obi wan.