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Emmi S
Big Cheese


Enter our sustainability survey and contest, answer four quick questions about sustainability and electronics for a chance to win Galaxy Watch6, Chromebook or Buds2. Four winners will be chosen in the Nordics, so don't miss out!

Help us answer these questions in a comment below, regarding your thoughts about sustainability and electronics:

  1. Log into your Samsung account
  2. Answer the questions by commenting your answers below
  3. Make sure to participate before May 20th

Please leave a comment below and answer these questions:

1) How many mobile phones and other electronic devices do you have at home, do you have at home, which you no longer use?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
e. 4 or more

2) What do you do with mobile devices and other electronic devices, when they break or when you buy new ones?
a. I use trade-in programs or other programs, like Samsung Flex
b. I hand them in for recycling at a store/reseller or at a recycling station
c. I save them at home
d. I give them away to others
e. I sell them
f. Other, please specify:

3) Which/what are the reasons why you might not use trade-in programs and recycling? Possible to choose several options!
a. Concern that my personal data is not securely deleted
b. Hard to find information on how to proceed
c. The incentives or trade-in offers are not good enough
d. I see no value in recycling
e. Too complicated or time consuming
f. Other, please specify:

4) What would convince you to recycle your unused devices?
a. Better incentives or offers on the next purchase
b. Possibility to get the devices collected at home
c. More options for recycling, for example: nearby recycling centres or recycling programs at electronics retailers
d. Clearer information about the recycling process
e. Other, please specify:



Win Galaxy Watch6 Classic, BT 43 mm, SM-R950NZKAEUB (worth 4890 SEK/4890 NOK/3099 DKK/419 EUR), Galaxy Chromebook Go 14", XE340XDA-KA1SE (worth 3990 SEK/3690 NOK/2699 DKK/349 EUR), Galaxy Buds2 Pro Graphite, SM-R510NZAAEUB (worth 2690 SEK/2690 NOK/1799 DKK/229 EUR) or Galaxy Buds2 Pro Graphite, SM-R510NZAAEUB (worth 2690 SEK/2690 NOK/1799 DKK/229 EUR) (VAT included). The winners pays any winning tax. The last day to enter is 20th of May 2024. Four (4) winners in the Nordics will be randomly selected and announced on the Samsung community site. The random selection is final and binding. The winners will be announced within the two following weeks after the competition period through the Community site, available here: Age limit 18 years.

Don’t have a Samsung Account? Sign up here.

By participating you agree to the Terms and Conditions above of this survey.

By participating, Samsung will process your personal data as set out in the Privacy Notice, available here:

Who Me Too'd this topic