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Samsung S23 One UI 6.1

Routines not ending.

I have had routines set up for a while that changes the home screen wallpaper on receipt of notification from an event set in the Google calendar app. This allows me to display a relevant home screen image for a specific date. 

It has always worked well

But it has stopped working. I think since the last software update to One UI 6.1

Now in routines I have a WHEN ROUTINE ENDS function that I cannot edit.

When the notification is received it doesn't change the wallpaper as it says ...

"Couldn't perform this action because another operation is preventing it"

If I try to add a new routine for another date it won't allow me to select change home screen wallpaper. 

It used to just run a routine on receipt of notification and do the action, but now it seems to continue running the routine without stopping.



I am unable to edit or remove "when routine ends"

As it is performing an action from a notification it hasn't got and doesn't need an end, but I can't have a routine without and end argument ?

Now when a routine is triggered I get a notification that it is running, but without a possible end point?


It used to work fine before UI 6.1

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