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Bit of background first of all:
I have had Samsung phones since before smartphones became "smart" so to speak. Not just that, but a whole plethora of my home products are Samsung (Tv/refrigerator/microwave etc) so I would say I am pretty much a Samsung fan. That us, until our latest contract, and the demonic Z Fold 4. 

Now, my wife and I first took a contract out with Three network, with the S4 Mini, released is 2013. So really, we have had Samsung phones in excess of 11 years, as before that we had Samsung phones on pay and go. Every phone we had has been Samsung, terrific fast reliable phones they have always been. 

So, renewing our contract from the Note 20 Ultra (best phone ever, by the way) to the Z Fold 4, we were excited and elated to own our first foldable phone. However, from day 1, we were riddled with problems. The first being that neither phone unfolded flat. There was always a distinct "V" shape to the phone when unfolded. We thought this may be a bit of a nuance with the foldable when "wearing in" so we stuck by them. 

Problems started with my phone first. Upon folding the phone, I discovered that the WiFi would cut out, but come back on when unfolded. Things got progressively worse when out of the blue, the phone just switched off when folding and would not reboot unless the phone was unfolded AND on charge. Also, when the phone was on I would have randomly occurring problems which could, and usually would, affect all aspects of the phone. So I booked on for repair, being below 24 months old. While I was waiting repair, the only way I could use the phone was to leave it unfolded. 

In the meantime, my wife's Z Fold 4 ALSO started developing problems. The rear screen stopped working when folded. About a week later, the rear screen flashed green and totally cut out. So we decided to book her phone in after my phone had been repaired. Again, the only way she could use her phone was unfolded. Kind of defeats the object of being able to fold the thing for transporting around. 

Bare in mind, we METICULOUSLY take care of our phones. We ruthlessly make sure that ALL of our phones are of top condition, no matter the life left on them. All 6 contract renewals with all 6 phones (12 in total, for us both) have been this way. 

So my phone gets repaired and returned and is absolutely perfect. 57 items internally were replaced, 57 ITEMS!! Which I am so happy with and decide to send off my wife's phone for repair. The phone is in EXACTLY the same condition as mine. I know this because we keep the phones in exactly the same environment. 

However, I receive and email 3 days later that the phone type of repair is out of warranty, and will cost £439 to repair...


So I decide to phone the repair center to find out what was wrong. Takes me a bit of time to get through and cutting a long story short:
"There is a micro scratch on the inner screen, which makes it so we can't do any repairs unless paid for"
OK then, so you mean to tell me, that Samsung are not willing to repair a HUGE PROBLEM with the phone, for the sake of a tiny problem on the screen? I mentioned that the phone has been kept in meticulous condition, never dropped, never even exposed to the rain, never even grazed along a table top. The reply being:
"This micro scratch may not be visible to camera, or the human eye..."
Yes, that's VERY CONVENIENT. So, how am I supposed to know that you are forgoing a massive repair on a phone, for the sake of a scratch that, technically, ISN'T EVEN VISIBLE TO THE HUMAN EYE!!!!!

My God, if I had a similar excuse for something the opposite way around, I would be jumped on. But no, Samsung being a big manufacturer can get away with this without being challenged! 
I was told by a friend, that Apple does not bother about micro scratches on the screen, if the problem is internal. They will repair it based on internal damage NOT caused by the person. 

MY phone had literally tore itself apart, with 57 parts needing to be replaced. My wife's phone was going the same way. And now, Samsung tell me that a repair can not be made due to something which isn't visible to the eye?! Sorry Samsung, what a total cop out. 

The biggest mistake of my life was becoming complacent to one company. To have such a fierce loyalty to Samsung, which I believe could not do us over and dirty in this way. You would think that being a 15 year Samsung customer, showing this kind of loyalty would mean something. That Samsung would be willing to overlook something which I was TOLD:
"Might not even be visible to the human eye" 
To fix something much, much bigger. You would think that Samsung would have some kind of goodwill there. Not a chance. 

Next contract renewal I get, I will be going to Apple. Make no mistake, people, the Z Fold 4 WILL be the biggest mistake you ever make. Maybe not right away, but later on down the line. 

Thanks for nothing Samsung. 
Who Me Too'd this topic