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Rate the wrap

Try It, Do It. And a chance to win.

This contest has now ended. Thank you for participating.

Rate the wrap this Christmas

Wrapping prezzies is part of the festive fun. And we’d love to see how you gift-wrap. So, get busy. Snap a pic of your parcel and upload. Then wait for others to like it for a chance to win.

Prizes up for grabs:
1st place 250,000 Samsung Rewards Points (worth £250)
2nd place 100,000 Samsung Rewards points (worth £100)
3rd place 50,000 Samsung Rewards points (worth £50)

How to enter

Log into your Samsung Account

Take a snap of your Crimbo wrap

Upload your picture by 20 December 2021


Winners will be picked on 21 December 2021 and contacted shortly after.
If sharing images of other people, make sure you have permission to share beforehand.

To receive rewards point you will need to enroll with Samsung Rewards. You can do this here.

Don’t have a Samsung Account? Sign up here.
By participating you agree to the Terms and Conditions of this competition