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UK beta pulled


I registered for the beta of One UI 2.0 at roughly 01.45, downloaded and installed. I have just received a notice in the Members app stating the beta binary is not official and we (the UK) was not meant to receive it thus the registration banner was there by mistake. Is this due to the UK was meant to get the second beta update and not the first one? Also the play store shows as device not certified so is this a risk in security too?


Now a user suddenly have a November patched version. Very odd. This beta is signed up by limited users only there shouldn't be mismanagement like this.


Despite ZSJ8 being described as an accidental release to the UK last Monday, it is the same beta software that Samsung were happy to officially release to Germany the week before..

The majority of S10 owners will be unaware of the One UI 2.0 beta program, so I would assume that it was probably not an accidental release, rather a deliberate chance for eager testers to jump on the test early, and act as pre-beta guinea pigs for the massive UK market...

Market may be massive but I believe sign up is limited to 1k people. I'm happy to be Guinea pig if there is a software glitch. But that should not lead to hardware problems.

To release ZSJ8 in Germany as official beta software, then accidentally in the UK a week later, withdraw it and apologise, then release a newer version in different European countries and India a week later again, is either highly incompetent or a deliberate marketing technique.. either way, Samsung UK look particularly ridiculous at this stage..


Furthermore, I have my fingerprint registered on my device, and almost 24 hours after Samsung Members published the update notice, I have received  nothing, but many others have...Why?



No biometric patch recieved here also but I dont use screen guard so no problem for me.


As I wrote before less than 50% of my phone is working, apps coming and going, if I change anything in the settings it's not saving it and so on.....I paid a lot of money for the 10+ and no one from Samsung is sending us the correct update, so I made my decision and get back to Pie tomorrow and wait for the official release of Android 10. There are working overpaid guys to deliver  a good job but instead they are sending ***** and nothing happens after. 


Not sure where people are seeing devices changed to XEU. Just looked and I am on the ZSJ8 build but my device is still BTU.


No sign of 2nd beta though ...


Samsung should make some form of announcement of the situation to those of us who dived in early to find it was a mistake ...


Knew it wouldn't be long, 

Check your updates people, the second Beta is ready for downloadScreenshot_20191025-050206_Software update.jpg


On my S10+ powered by Android 10 improved by One UI 2.0,
Ben Ginders

Hi @Dan77 


We have released a Beta for Germany first.

And the binary you have received is based on the one that was released there.

Based on the user opinions and their error reports, we have been improving the software. 

Then, of course we wanted to test it, but during one of the tests the Beta became available for everyone for a brief period of time.


Based on the results of those tests, we have decided that it would have been better for us to not release the binary officially yet.

Of course, this is a Beta programme. There will be errors, software might be unstable and that's the whole point of it! So we can work together to fix it! :winking-face:



And as @BenGinders mentioned above, the new Beta binary should be available for all of you to download it now!