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Screen rotation


Has anyone had any issues with screen rotation not returning to portrait? If I open a video with auto rotation on it goes to landscape but when I exit the video phone screen stays that way. If i close all apps it still stays like that even turning off and on screen rotation does nothing. It works correctly after about a minute or so.. just seems to lag .. any ideas 

Helping Hand

Hi @John51,

I have not experienced this myself,

Is this just in Samsungs video app or in all Video apps like YouTube etc..

It would be worth putting in a bug report to get this looked into by the dev team.

Just out of interest does it switch back to portrait of you toggle off auto rotation


It seems to be mostly in facebook  and YouTube  turning off the toggle for the rotation does nothing . It just comes back way it should be on it's own after about a minute 

Hi @John51 


I have seen some reports regarding the YouTube app, but not about the Facebook :thinking-face:

So like @BenGinders mentioned, make sure to send us an error report via Beta Feedback option in Samsung Members app!

Our development team will be able to take a look at it and try to find the source of the problem :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type: