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Snapchat is not showing any notifications

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hi @Eyob99 


Does it conerns snaps only, or messages too? 


Go to Settings > Apps > Snapchat > Notifications > Make sure "Show notifications" option is turned on

Also check Settings > Notifications > "See all" to see all the apps > Search for Snapchat > General notifications

Check if you have those notifications set as "Alert" 


If all of the above is correctly set up, then please be sure to share an error report with us via Beta Feedback option in Samsung Members app! :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


I am also having this issue after the update. All settings are as they should be .

I have also uninstalled it and reinstalled but it makes no difference.

Have sent a error report.


@TomaszT I've already done all of that but it's still not working, uninstalled and reinstalled it too

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Yeah. Exactly the same issue. Have switched off and on notifications on the system and on the app to bo avail.


Also have deleted and reinstalled the app to no avail.


Restarted phone with restart option and switched off and on to no avail.


Notifications will not work at all.


I've just upgraded to the latest Beta last night from Android 9 Pie. Was working completely fine before this.



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I have the same problem 


I have the same issue!


Ok so I've found a fix so far. And notifications are working.


1. Click on this link and enrol for snapchat beta


2. Download beta snap


3. Once you've installed beta. Go to play store and slide to the beta side. It should say something like. "Registration for beta will take few minutes" basically something along those lines.


4. Close google play and check again. This time there should be a new update for snap beta. Install it. And done.


5. All snapchat notifications working.



My snapchat just got updated and all working fine now


Thanks for sharing that @Billy_m  :fisted-hand:


If after getting a new snapchat version there are still some of you that experience that problem, then please share an error report with us via Beta Feedback option in Samsung Members app! 

It will help if you mention there that you use the newest version of the app.