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After beta forum


Would really be good if in future betas this community could remain open for a week or so, seems so final after you take the plunge to update and many people still have grievances re bugs etc. 

As for me my problems still not sorted even after reporting every beta update so however enjoyable the process was, am disappointed in final version 

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hi @Graykenhill 


This Community will still be active for some time :winking-face:

And I have a good news for you regarding the AOD double tap problem!

As promised, I have forwarded that case personally to the development team and explained in detail what it is about (and also pointed out that you have all the right settings set).


And I have just received the news that they found the solution of the problem and the fix for it will be implemented in the future update! :party-popper: :smiling-face:


But I do not know the details of the update schedule, so I can't give you an estimate of the date of when it might be added. 

Top job sir. Was really disappointed yesterday when updated so many thanks for your help and hard work

Just had update for always on clock issue I had and moaned about forever it seems, once again thanks for all your help and support