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Your children will love to color your own photos !!!

(Topic created on: 06-11-2021 06:39 PM)
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Dear parents, have fun with your children and relive a part of your childhood by coloring ...

You surely remember that, NO ?

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Your Samsung device allows you to prepare a variety of coloring pages easily with Style

"Blue Ink"

which you will find in your Gallery and in the Samsung Photo Editor. Here is how it works:

I'll be honest with you,  if you don't want to worry at all, there is the Penup app which offers you  thousands of drawings to color . On the other hand, These drawings are impersonal and to draw on your own works, you will have to work a little!


Here is Penup, you just have to choose a drawing to color and decide to share it if that is your desire ...

Articles currently available:

Here is the list of my subjects :

  • (More to come)


To show you, I decided to take one of my drawings through different free apps. I think the SELECTION tool is missing in the Samsung editor and I find that very unfortunate because it would go a long way in modifying certain parts of an image that you don't want to see on the coveted design. On the other hand, you have an eraser on the new high-end devices  that might do the job!

Back on topic...

In the Samsung editor, by clicking on the 3 small dots at the top right, you will see STYLE and it is with this tool that we will make our own photos to color that you can then either print for your children to color by themselves. trusting the original photo OR you can also import them into the Penup app or you can color your photo with an S-Pen for more details.



As examples, here is the QUICK way to do it.

Open one of your photos in Samsung Photo Editor

Then click on the 3 small dots at the top right and choose Style, and choose the Blue Ink style  , you will get your photo to color, that is to say THIS:






1- click on Style and after Blue Ink


You will get this:


You just have to print it and / or import it into Penup if you have a Spen and maybe you would like to share with the rest of the planet ... This is a personal photo: Would you like to share it?

Here is another example:


and here is the original photo:


As you can see it is very easy to make your own coloring album but what happens when you find that the image created by Samsung Editor is too detailed for small children?

Take this example: 


( Owned by Warner Bros)

and let's see what the Samsung Editor can do with this kind of photo ... When I use the Samsung Editor, this is what it looks like: 


and I admit that I am not really satisfied with the result. You could of course increase the luminance, brightness and contrast as much as possible, but again, I wasn't satisfied.


Here's how I ended up doing it:  (Remember , I'm only working on COPIES) ...

( You remember I like FREE programs, so I used Krita offered by Windows Store ... I could have used GIMP and achieved the same results ...)

All I had to do was select the different dominant colors with the selector and replace them with the color WHITE with the filling boiler



which allowed me to arrive at the following result:


All I had to do was reduce it to a format quite close to printing, i.e. 3: 4. or 4: 3 with the windows editor ... it takes 2 seconds and it's over BRAVO

When you shrink an image, you will see the Format display like this:



You just have to print this image and offer it to your children for coloring 




For more advanced people, you could risk yourself on this kind of photo:



Depending on the version of your Samsung editor, you might have the following filter that does everything faster and you could switch from this to this with one click and the filter is called Sketch Effect. (I'll check back tomorrow morning after a good dozen cups of coffee if it's as easy as anything I've written before on my 2016 camera. 

 Sketch effect







But if your goal is simply to learn to draw in addition to coloring, I strongly suggest the MediBang Paint  application  which I consider easy to understand (Friendly User) and which can be installed on all platforms. It is with this app that I made my first drawing on a digital device  when I was more used to drawing on the walls of my cave being of the Stone Age Samsung  found me in a Museum talking about PreHistory



MediBang Paint

I had tried to draw the woman I love now returned to Heaven.

There you go, have fun, life is so short and the dodo is calling me. 

Good weekend 


PS  The  prehistory  is generally defined as the period between the appearance of humanity and the first appearance of written documents. ... Depending on the regions of the world,  Prehistory  also includes all or part of the periods following the Stone Age. (source Wikipedia)

That's  it 


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Hey @Cassidy007 Than You for this information! 😊 I didn't know that we can turn our personal photos into coloring ones. This will be a perfect party game for us 😄