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What to do if your device does not provide adequate photo magnification ...

(Topic created on: 19-10-2021 07:59 PM)
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Looking at the photos in the Galaxy Gallery, we notice that many take extraordinary photos and we sometimes wonder how they did it and how we could do the same when our device is not as recent  as theirs or is not . not offer the same options. This idea came to me after seeing in the Gallery a very detailed photo of the moon better than the 100X zoom currently could. At the time, I was intrigued. So I asked   Eikaze   how he did it and he said he just took a picture using his smartphone and a telescope.  


I found the idea just great and tried it and that's why I share it ... I hardly dare imagine what it will be like when I have my S21 ultra with its 10 optical lens. X, 50 X magnification + my binoculars ... it's going to be hell !!! 

So I invite all those who have tips to share to put them in this post to help those with less efficient cameras and help them take the same photos as you. They might just need a little practice to be as good as you!

As an example,  I wondered how I could take a zoomed 30, 50 or 100X photo when I have not finished collecting enough money to pay myself an S21 Ultra or an S 22 * ​​which according to some believe that Samsung will put the efforts on a camera system even more powerful than the S 21 ultra to leave the competition far behind. My Note10 + is limited to 2X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom

Photo 1 without Zoom ... Look for the BLUE box



10X digital zoom photo 1



Zoom with 2X optical lens and 10 X 50 binoculars photo 1



Here, same thing, photo 2 without zoom lens by default 



Photo 2 2X lens



Photo 2 2X lens and 10 X 50 binoculars 



Here you have a picture of the moon taken on an S20 + and a Celestron 8SE  telescope  ... Notice the details of the moon ... 

Cropped pictures 


original photo taken by Eikaze  


Hope you liked this tip and will use it from time to time !!!

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I took a couple of moon shots. Using 1/370 shutter and x10 optical and 2.55x digital crop has gave me the best results so far.

In a way using a nd filter should also improve clarity but reducing unwanted glare and more contrast to to be captured.

But the sensor is always going to be the achillies heel of the situation. The way I look at it is, it us remarkable to get the results I do. However until we get larger pixels to work with there will be lacking detail.

Going by the maths of the photo, you are going to need a 600m focal length, at least 1/200 or longer shutter and some sort of luminance filter to allow longer exposures.

Or buy a dedicated camera as even with 3200 iso it simply isn't able to resolve enough detail in my short time of using it.

Anyway always working to improve things.
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Hi @Aronovic ,

can you show us your results ? Which device did you use ? Do you try to use a tripod to take your picture with ISO 50 and the time that is suggest by the device ?

This is a picture took with a Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary at 600mm on Canon EOS 90D ISO 100 1/250 on a tripod.


I cropped the picture to get a better magnification like i explained in my article.

Real size here ...Click on picture to see it :




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