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Samsung's editor short manual Section A: The different sections part 3 of 10

(Topic created on: 08-07-2023 01:28 AM)
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Section A :

The differents sections of the Samsung Editor



Hello everyone, 

I finally decided to write a small manual to explain to you a little the functioning of the SAMSUNG EDITOR in the hope that it will help you to transform your photos in order to sublimate them.

So I'll start with SECTION A which is meant to be the 1st thing you'll see if you click on a photo from the Gallery. Be aware that to edit a photo you will need to click on the pencil.

Samsung Editor Section A

Here is a short description of the different numbers in this screenshot 

A 1 Smartview: Allows your phone to be displayed on your TV OR watch TV on your phone, high quality playback.

A 2 Bixby Vision : Bixby vision is a function for analyzing images and performing searches based on them.

A 3 Virtual timelapse: If your image was taken with Expert Raw, you will see a small clock when selecting your photo. By clicking on the clock, a timelapse simulating several photos taken in a 24-hour period appears on your screen creating a short 12-second video that you can save as a copy if you wish. It can be interesting if you take a sunset/sunrise…or if you want to get an idea of ​​what the scene could be like by seeing it at different times of the day or night, which would allow you to go from virtual to real ..

A 4 Add to favorites : When you click on the heart, you put the photo in your FAVORITES allowing you to find it much more easily.

A 5 By clicking the pencil, you open the Samsung Editor and this is where it gets interesting because the Samsung Editor is easy to understand, it is what is commonly called “User Friendly”.

A 6 Share your photos : Share your photos/videos quickly by choosing the application that is most XXXX for you. Several choices are available to you: Nearby Share, Quick Share, Email, OneDrive. Google Private Share disk and several others to meet all possibilities.

A 7 Bin : Anything you throw in the bin will be recyclable for a period of 30 Days. To recover the photos discarded by mistake, click on the 3 small dots at the bottom right, then restore the photos you discarded by mistake.

A 8 – Additional options available ( may differ by device) : 

  • Details : allows you to see the Exif of the photo/video. Tells you how many megs the photo made, the format, the sensor used, the aperture, the exposure value, the speed, the lens used and finally the ISO number 
  • Rematrix (Remaster) the photo: this function recomposes the image by trying to make it better.
  • Add Portrait Effect : Allows you to adjust the blurring of the subject's background.
  • Copy to Clipboard : Copies the photo to the clipboard allowing you to paste the image into another application. Very convenient.
  • Copy to album : Copy the photo to the album of your choice.
  • Move to album :
  • —-------------------------------
  • Set as wallpaper : Your photo is superb? You can set it as wallpaper on your devices. Ideally, it's best to crop it into the correct aspect ratio before setting it as wallpaper and a photo taken in Portrait Mode looks best on a phone whereas a photo taken in Landscape Mode is perfect for a TV, Those who have older screens might prefer a photo taken at 1:1 Aspect Ratio.
  • Move to Secure Folder : You can put your photos/videos in a secure folder if you don't want to show them to other people and you will be the only person who can open the safe.
  • Print : It's always nice to look at a photo you've printed that brings back fond memories or make a compelling portfolio to show off your photography skills.

Contents : 

1-  Introduction

2-  Opening the Gallery application

3-  The different sections of the editor 

4-  Open the Samsung photo/video editor

5 -  The 3 small points of the editor

6 -  The styles offered by Samsung

7  Mixing colors or shades

8-   The different filters available 

9-   Learn how to use the Samsung editor to enhance your photos 

10-  Conclusion: The strengths and weaknesses of the Samsung Editor (    Under construction)

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Samsung Members Star ★★★


Vous aimez la photographie ? Si OUI, cliquez ici :
You like photography , if YES, Click here :