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Samsung's editor short manual: Opening the Gallery app Part 2 of 10

(Topic created on: 10-07-2023 05:22 PM)
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Samsung Gallery: Opening the Gallery app



When you open the GALLERY application for the first time, here is what you see and for the uninitiated, it could be unsettling...or simply could not interest you if all you want is to enhance your photos.

I will therefore start with a short description of each of the elements that make up this page, trying to give you the best possible description. 

(If you want to enter the photo editor now, click on the photo of your choice and then on the pencil…you are now in the photo/video editor.

Each of you could give me a better description which will allow me to regularly improve this manual which will then be translated into English. So I'm counting on you to show the rest of the world that we are the BEST (smile)

0-  This is where you will see the date the photo was taken, which makes it easy to find it if you have not put it in your Favorites but in your diary, whether to highlight a trip or a photo important for your doctor etc. 

1- Onedrive: You don't want to lose your photos OR you want to see them from any devices, nothing better than saving them in the Onedrive cloud (However, this may incur additional costs depending on your plan and the number of photos you take on your devices.)

2- Search engine:  Are you looking for a photo, a video or an important document? Never mind, you just have to write the name OR look in the different folders offered as seen in this screenshot.




Search engine


3- The 3 small dots:  By clicking on these 3 small dots, several choices are offered to you, whether it is:

  • Modifier
  • Select all
  • Create: In Create, you can create highlights, movies, GIFs, or make collage.
  • Group similar images
  • Launch the slideshow of the different photos in the Gallery

4- Photos: It is in this section that all your photos or videos will be accessible.

5- Albums: Different albums are created or can be created allowing you to find your way around much more easily and to see them all, just click on 'Display all' On the other hand, you have to be careful because the photos/videos that you will find in these albums are in fact only links to the original photo/video. It is therefore easy to understand that you should never delete the original photo believing that it will still be in the album...


If this ever happens to you, check if your photos are still in the Trash so you don't loose them permanently.

6- Stories: This section will create stories for you by compiling the same kind of photos. For example, if you choose a sunset, you will find a slideshow of all the sunsets you have taken recently. 

It can be interesting to remind you of certain memories, whether of your animals or of moments spent with your loved one in recent years... 

Here is a story created from scratch by Samsung:

Histoire DIDI Screen_Recording_20230628_203654_Gallery.mp4
(show in My Videos)
7- Ideal when you are looking for a video or a favorite or recent photo, to find the places where your photos were taken or the shared albums without forgetting that this is where you can see what is in the trash and that you You could also restore suggestions made by Samsung's AI to improve your photos or save space by deleting duplicates... Everything is included in the settings that you can change at any time.Cassidy007_12-1688774717158.jpeg

Each icon allows you to find the following items by clicking on the icon:

  • Videos available
  • Your favorites
  • Recent items
  • Suggestions helps you rematrix your photos, let you know if your photos are duplicates so you can save space.
  • The location where the photo was taken or the ones you receive that would contain this information
  • Your shared albums
  • The recycle bin  which will allow you to recover photos deleted by mistake which will be kept for 30 days. 
  • Gallery settings  which you should watch carefully  so as not to lose anything.

Suggestions* offers you to improve the photos which according to Samsung need to be sublimated either at the SHARPNESS level or the remastering which consists in checking if each pixel can be improved. Personally, I would call this: "Recomposition of the image".


Suggestions* also looks for double photos to help you keep as much storage as possible by keeping only one of them…

We have therefore taken the tour of this section. Here are all the sections covered:

Contents : 

1-  Introduction

2-  Opening the Gallery application

3-  The different sections of the editor 

4-  Open the Samsung photo/video editor

5 -  The 3 small points of the editor

6 -  The styles offered by Samsung

7  Mixing colors or shades

8-   The different filters available 

9-   Learn how to use the Samsung editor to enhance your photos 

10-  Conclusion: The strengths and weaknesses of the Samsung Editor (    Under construction)

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Samsung Members Star ★★★


Vous aimez la photographie ? Si OUI, cliquez ici :
You like photography , if YES, Click here :