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Reorganization of my articles in Photography Talk according to their priorities

(Topic created on: 24-08-2023 05:17 AM)
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I am working on this post and i know that many articles are in French for the moment but i will work on it all this month so Please put  your translator if you want to read a particular article ..

Also, if you find something wrong, please tell me and i will modify my mistakes.

I also add @Libb 's articles at the end so, it will be easier for all of us to retrieve the article that can help to understand a particular point in pĥotography...

Hello everyone, I decided to reorganize "Photography Talk"   and to classify the articles according to their priorities/importance in order to help users to find their way more easily in  Let's talk photography . You will find below the link  of the articles according to the following 4 criteria:

  • 1- The rules to follow/respect for successful photography
  • 2- The technical side of your cameras
  • 3- How to correct/improve a photo even if it seems to you to be missed
  • 4- Fun things to try in your spare time
  • How to Use Samsung Photo Editor 

Some articles may be found in more than one section.

 Criteria and rules to follow for successful photography (Composition)   Part 1

          The rule that I consider the most important is without a doubt the Rule of Thirds and if you respect this universal rule, you will considerably improve all your photos on the condition of understanding the exposure triangle and the shutter speed to have photos clear and crisp.

The technical side of your cameras  Part 2 

In order to be more comfortable with your camera, you need to understand the technical principles of photography. These techniques are applicable for all camera models whether Samsung, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and all others.

If you understand the technique, you will be able to get away with it regardless of the brand of camera and hence the importance of practicing with your camera in Pro Mode and watching the consequences when using different manual settings in order to understand the Exposure triangle.


How to fix failed photos or how to improve them:  Part 3


Fun things to try in your spare time:  Part 4


Here are some links to help you see what the physical filters you put on your device can do:

Notice * I don't recommend setting the watermark automatically because any changes you make to your photos will also change the watermark. I suggest you only put one at the end of your edits so you don't mess up your photos unless you're a PRO.

Here are @Libb's articles. They are more professionnals than mine, so Enjoy ! :

Mobile photo: # 1 Sharpness

Mobile photo #2: exposure

Mobile photo #4: macro

Mobile Photo #5: caves

Mobile Photo #6: concert

Mobile photo #7: Zoom

Mobile photo: optical defects and how to deal with them

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Hi a list of my most important articles is here:

I see you are more productive than me... :smiling-face:

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Hi @Libb , 

I added your articles in my post. Like that, it will be more easier for the users to go directly in the articles they want to read to understand better photography. 

Thanks for your links and have a nice day.


Vous aimez la photographie ? Si OUI, cliquez ici :
You like photography , if YES, Click here :