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Photography Talk is reserved for articles on Photography, not for your photos ...

(Topic created on: 01-11-2021 12:50 AM)
Samsung Members Star ★★★

Hello to you,

This section is for articles about photography's article ONLY and not for your photos and that's why we ask those who want to write an article to adhere to the following standard. If you have any problems with your camera's device or have any questions on the settings , you are better to make a post in your device's category  to receive more help because i won't answer any questions here except if you ask it in one of my article post.

It is not enough to put a photo with an accessory to say that it constitutes an article, especially if your accessories could enter the same article. As an example, I could talk about different tripod models and make a post for each but doing so would unnecessarily saturate this section because everyone would be posting photos with some variable pretending to share their knowledge.

That's why I only made one article bringing together all kinds of tripods available in one place.

So please respect this instruction so as not to saturate this space dedicated to helping those who know less about photography so that they can become as good photographers as you.

And above all, put your photographs in the appropriate section, the Galaxy Gallery:

Thanks for understanding


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