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Cropping, a very useful tool in photography

(Topic created on: 13-09-2022 08:49 PM)
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Crop or resize, that is the question!

Do you remember this photo? YES ? So know that this photo was bad !

But it was clear and clean and I could get it back… How will you tell me?

It's simple, simply by cropping it. Be careful, don't confuse cropping and resizing because they are 2 completely different things. Resizing only "shrinks" the photo to different widths/heights without changing the content and I'll talk about that a little further down.




Often, you can and should crop an image in order to enhance it because the perfect photo does not exist and even professionals use this trick to create the perfect photo. Cropping an image doesn't mean it wasn't beautiful to begin with. Know that I crop almost all my photos  because when posing, I do not seek perfection in the framing offered by the camera knowing that I will probably crop it.

Take this picture:



Well…I know this photo is close to perfection (did you feel that little gust of wind?) No but seriously I see no reason to crop it…but I will because the subject I wanted to highlight was the wasp. Since I couldn't zoom in further with my camera and couldn't get closer because the wasp would be gone, I decided to take the photo as it was because I knew I could crop it later in order to get the desired photo:


Do you see her better now? 

  So there you go, take the time to look carefully at your photos before putting them in the trash and see if you can recover them.

Now I  will show you how to crop an image with Samsung's editor.

First, open the Gallery and find the image you want to edit.

Here is the original image that I have to crop ...You see this black band at the top and the glass band at the bottom, that's what you have to remove because it defeats the beauty of this photo, the interesting part of which is good quality.


Once done, click on icon 1 which means crop.

Then, you can now crop the image by dragging one of the 4 white corners towards the center until you are satisfied with your cropping.

Note that we can take any of the 4 corners to arrive at the same result.


So I cropped by removing the black part and I also removed a bit of the glazed white part at the bottom then I saved as a COPY . I prefer to save it this way because I always have the original in my hands. This allowed me to redo the framing of the same photo differently and there, I completely removed the glass part at the bottom. Here's how I cropped the second version of the original photo:



Here is the result :



As you can see, there are a thousand ways to crop an image, it's a matter of taste!…

important: When cropping, you will sometimes see numbers such as 3:4 or 16:9 or 1:1 etc... Try to crop while keeping one of these formats because they are  standard formats. (I talk a bit about it here in part 1  Learn what the different modes of your camera are for (great for beginners) - Its...   )

Here are more examples of cropping…Here is the cropped photo,



if you enlarge the photo, you can better see the fish floating in the air 

and here is the original photo.


What I wanted to bring out is the fish floating in the air before being swallowed. Did I succeed?

You can crop to infinity , but cropping an image too much could make it come out BLURRY, so don't overdo the cropping...


Photo too heavily cropped, the blur sets in....but here I'm sure you saw the fish floating in the air 

NB Did you know that this is how Samsung offers up to 100X zoom? Indeed, the camera takes the best lens of the device and the artificial intelligence crops it to obtain the 100X. It's ingenious and I can't wait to see how far we can zoom if they release a 200MP device next year!

You have decided to bring out 2 subjects in a photo or they are several individuals, no problem you just have to crop

Here is the cropped photo



And here is the original photo:


There's no limit to what you can do with a sloppy or not-perfectly-framed photo and it's up to you to turn it into something enjoyable to showcase on your social media or with your friends. (es), the important thing is to have fun when taking pictures.

Here's one last...First, the original photo 



and cropping...that's where I learned that a goose had teeth




As I said above, resizing only "shrinks" the photo according to different formats without changing the content. There are several reasons to resize your photos, it can be:

- because you want to share your photos on some social networks or even on this forum...I understand that the maximum width of photos is 800 pixels wide at  most so if your photo is too big to be accepted, you can resize it with the photo editor by clicking on the 3 small dots at the bottom right and then on "Resize".





Take the following image:


I resized this image to 20% of the original.. The original photo was 3.94 megs and the resized one is barely 41.92kb. It happens that some photos are 15 megs or more and when they are attached, your email application may be limited to 20 megs. So, if you send several photos it is better to resize them to a reasonable size which will save you data if you are far from your WiFi network and which will not require you to send your photos one by one.

Those pictures are really good and to see these photos on your tablet or on your computer, here is the link

Open them in full screen you won't regret it...:

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I too like to crop.
I prefer to take an image slightly larger than I'd like. You can't add extra to an image if you've got too close but can take away
I also find that zooming sometimes I don't get the look I want. So cropping is a very useful resource
Samsung Members Star ★★★

@Glenntech I prefer to take an image slightly larger than I'd like. You can't add extra to an image if you've got too close but can take away

Exactly like me. I try to capture the best image possible but i took them a bit larger too. The images are showing extreme cropping but this was only for this article.

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