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Act like a professional

(Topic created on: 09-11-2023 12:44 AM)
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NOTICE: This article contains a lot of photos and it is best to view this one with your favorite browser to see them all HERE. ....

“ Cobbler with poor shoes” 

In fact, when I wrote the title of this article and what follows, I thought of the following French proverb: “ Cobbler poorly shod”. 

A shoddy shoemaker is an expression which means that people who are competent in a field tend to neglect their own knowledge. 

They are able to solve the problems of others and give them the best advice except that often they are the first to neglect their own advice by not doing what they promulgate to others. So I am OFTEN a shoemaker with bad shoes.

The photos you'll see here are exceptionally beautiful and worth seeing on a really big screen with your favorite browser. The photographers who took them knew how to find the perfect angle and height to achieve these results.

Well, that said, it's time to come to the article asking you to live up to the professionals by doing what they do so well, i.e. putting yourself at the right height according to the effect they want to give about them..or if you prefer, choose the angle of view and the best lens to give the desired effect to your photo… (Photos taken by @Pi_Jo_75   )



Let's take this pretty doggie who is patiently waiting for his masters... Don't you think that this photo taken at the right height makes him feel safe and therefore trusts you because he sees you as an equal? and not as a dominator? Normally, it seems to me that this type of dog barks constantly because people dominate it?

When taking photos, it is recommended to position yourself at the same height as the subject, otherwise you may be perceived by the subject as people who want to dominate them and this will scare them. Every day I take my walks in the surrounding forest and I often notice that it is much easier to photograph an animal when you are at its height. Do not dominate the animals, rather be their friend otherwise they will have to look at you like this (if they have not already run away): 


Try to always place yourself at their level and look at what attracts them 



My bird hunter cannot take her eyes off her possible prey.

Didi Star.jpg

Translation :  I am a Star...


Whereas the latter only ask to be up to par and they always try to put themselves up to par with you when case you give them a peanut... 



The next photo demonstrates what can be achieved by playing with perspectives. Here, the dragonfly appears as big as the white egret that we see in the background. 


This photo was taken by John M. Knowles   johnmknowles65   also known on YouTube as The cyclist photographer. Thank you John for allowing me to use your photo on this forum. 👍

The height of your device and/or the angle you give it changes the perspective and can give an the magnitude effect, enormity, smallness or normal size without you having to walk 1 kilometer to get the same effect. This photo from  @ddou  makes this statue appear as if it were giant and you could take a photo of one of your friends and make them appear just as big because it's all about perspective.


Taking a photo of a multi-story building can make it appear gigantic or tiny depending on the angle you choose.

Let's take these 2 photos taken at various times, don't they seem very high to you even though they are only a few floors high? Imagine what the Empire State Building would look like?



Courtoisie @JefCanton  and @Kuriouskiwiphotos  (KuriousKiwiPhotography on Facebook)



From this angle of view, the buildings in the distance seem tiny even though they are more than 20 stories high...Jef like to play with perspective and/or reflection : 


You can easily give dramatic air to your photo by playing  with your favorite editor ..(Check in the filters section...)


@JefCanton was able to perfectly render this dome as the main element in addition to giving us the impression that a storm was soon going to hit it.



I love this photo taken by @Derbi   because it brings out all the beauty and all the height of what seems to me a majestic place of worship. (Note that I remember having cropped this photo because we could see people at the bottom of this one…but I immediately saw the beauty of the scene.)  (If it were just me, this photo would deserve an award for its beauty as much as for its simplicity).



This Bald Eagle, taken by @JefCanton    as it flew overhead, looks huge while the people sitting around it seem tiny. Did you know that  the wingspan of the bald eagle exceeds a little more than two meters  and even if this  bird of prey was trained, it must have been quite impressive for Jef to see it pass so close to him. It must be scary and give us a few chills. 

Above my house...about 100 meters above my head. 


Taking a photo of a ravine from the top of a cliff can make it appear unimaginably deep and bottomless depending on the lens (ultra wide angle) and viewing angle (high angle). and perspective.

How tall do you think this tree is? The author knew how to give it height in every sense of the word.


Courtesy of @KuriousKiwiPhotos 

Taking a photo of an animal can make it appear to be the dominant one and conversely, make YOU appear to be the dominant one, but I think it is always desirable to take it at its level and be an equal. .

Take the example of gorillas, wolves or all kinds of animals, you will notice that there is always a pack leader. All new subjects lower themselves because remaining at their height means that they want to take the place of the dominant male/female and you can be sure that a hot fight will occur between these 2 dominants because there can only be 'a pack leader and this is part of nature. 

For this reason, you will notice that it is much easier to get closer to the animals to take photos when you are at their height and the animals will even want to get closer since you do not seem to be dominating .

I was lucky enough to have colleagues who respect this rule and I thank them for sharing photos.

Here is a photo of a ladybug taken by  @Alex-Mn  with his S23ultra 

Cassidy007_0-1699491841752.jpegPrintscreen 1

The photo was cropped like this 

20230415_154634 resized ..jpg

 and gives the following result at 100%..This is possible when you use the 50 or 200MP sensor...You could go bigger than this one..


By clicking on the images, you will see that we have gone from tiny to a very close-up thanks to the cropping allowed by the new 50 or 200 MP sensors...Isn't this a wonderful photo ?

Click on the following Instagram link and look at all these photos taken at the height of the animal, you will better understand what I am saying! 


Here's one of them...Do you think it would have looked as good if the person had taken the photo while standing..?

The main subject does not necessarily have to be a person or an animal, it really applies to all types of photos whether it is a landscape, a portrait, a building etc etc

I finish by showing you a last photo where the photographer wanted to give height to the interior walls of this architectural beauty by placing the camera as close to the ground as possible.


Thanks @KuriousKiwiPhotos 

Taking photos has become simple thanks to the evolution of technologies and photo editing applications, but taking really good photos requires a certain amount of knowledge and practice which will ensure that your photos will perhaps stand out from the crowd. But is it enough? What do you want to be, you who buy high-end devices like the S23 ultra and change every year to have the latest model...What do you really want to be: 

  1.  Simple beginners for 10 years who do everything in automatic mode and who do not exploit the capabilities of their device? The latter will always be…beginners!
  2.  People who know photo technique and can take all kinds of photos thanks to their knowledge but who don't want to become professionals even though they have the ability? They often take photography only as a hobby and do not want to spend hours reworking their photos to enhance them! (It looks strangely like me)..😲


  3. Or real photo amateurs who never stop wanting to take photos and who thrive on it to stand out from the crowd and become professionals capable of making a living from their art because they have the talent, the desire and above all the photographer's eye like @ Alex-Mn  who I imagine very well as a future professional reference in France.

And you, do you have any photos to submit to me, I didn't find all the types of photos I wanted...


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