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Your Signal Drops Out More & More ? Read This

(Topic created on: 22-03-2021 04:52 PM)
During the last 15 years, have you noticed that when speaking on your mobile phone to someone, your signal drops and you lose connection more and more over the last 15 years ?
You constantly have to call back the person you were speaking to and its happening more often and is most annoying. 
You may often blame your mobile device, when in fact 90 percent of the time it is NOT your device.

Let me explain.
It is ALL the mobile networks, NOT your device.

It does not matter if it is an analogue or a digital transmitter or repeater mast, the fact is, our phones send and receive more and more digital data and more phone calls are made by more new customers over the last 15 years.

This is where the mobile networks have a problem.

In the early days, there were millions less mobile users and data transmission was a fraction of what we use today.
Which meant that there were far less phone network masts and repeaters located all over the UK.
The masts and repeaters on every network were placed further apart from the next mast and the output wattage back then, was transmitting at a much higher wattage on each mast and each repeater, which meant a more reliable phone call with hardly any phone signal drops in mid conversation as compared to now.

But as millions of new customers on all networks have joined and use smartphones that use more and more data, this means that all the networks need to install more and more masts and repeaters to handle the huge capacity of data and phone calls.

Now this is the problem, 
Cross transmission interference and unstable connections.

An example of what I mean,

If network transmitters and repeaters are located far apart from each other, for example two miles apart, then the network providers can transmit the output wattage to maximum capacity without any issues and your phone will work with minimal drop of signal.

But as millions of more mobile users join and more data as well as more phone calls are used, the networks need to place far more masts and repeaters to handle the capacity.

The problem is this, the more masts and repeaters are installed, the closer they are going to be to each other, which means instead of masts being rwo miles apart from each other for example and transmitting at maximum wattage.
If the masts are closer together for example, half a mile apart from each other, if the same wattage output of the transmitter and repeaters are used, then the closer they are placed, there will be frequency interference and more and more problems.
So the only solution is to have more repeaters and transmitters closer to each other, is to reduce the output wattage of each network transmitter and repeater so there is no cross interference.

This is what is happening but the downside is, we all now have to suffer from more and more signal and phone call drop outs.

So it is not you phone, it is mostly your network provider.

Another tip,

If it continues, switch of your phone, leave it switched off, then move a mile and a half or two miles away and then switch on your phone.
It will force your mobile device to do a fresh scan for the nearest repeater and mast in that area and it must be a mast and repeater that was not the one you was using in an area that was causing the drop outs.
Then once your phone has locked on to the nearest new found mast and repeater it should work better, then you can return back to where you originally was and there will be an improvement in less dropouts and less signal loss issues.

Remember to always switch of your phone for two minutes at least once every 24 hours to improve performance and refresh all phone connections.