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WiFi Direct and S Beam not receiving files


I have to send files from my S5 neo to my S7 through wifi direct, the two devices connect but every attempt to send a file from the S5 fails and the S7 does not even show the notification of the file transfer. The pairing notification is shown correctly though. Everything works fine when sending files from the S7 to the S5 neo.

I've also noticed that S beam does not work, if i try to touch the two devices with S beam turned on nothing happens; nothing happens even if i manually select S beam sharing before touching two devices: the sending device starts the procedure but the receiver does not show up.

I am not looking for an alternative to wifi direct. I want wifi direct to work.


I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

try bluetooth... pair each phone to each other and send your file.

I explicitly said i'm not looking for alternatives.

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