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Why would somebody choose the Single SIM S9?

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Please can somebody explain why a person would choose the single SIM S9?


Both phones are the same price

Both phones offer SD card storage

The Hybrid SIM provides the option of an additional SIM at the expense of the SD card.


Given they are the same price, I'm confused why someone would ever opt for the single SIM version?   They would merely be limiting their options for use.


Am I mistaken? Is there another fundamental benefit to the single SIM version that I'm missing?




What is the benefit of a dual SIM over a single SIM?


Maybe you have... I dunno... 2 sim cards!


1 for personal use 

1 for work/business 


Instead of carrying 2 phones around with you... You just carry 1. I know. Amazing. 


I'd prefer to use the second slot for my SD card, but I do see the appeal of dual sim phones @S8Owner76, now dual sim phones with an extra slot for the SD card those would be handy.

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I have the same question, nobody here seems to know the answer
I totally agree dual sim PLUS extra slot for the SD card would be perfect! 😊

Dual-SIM phones does not seem compatible with RSAP.

Without RSAP your missing Premium car-kit options like superior range coverage and WIFI hotspot functionality.

Most VAG produced cars use RSAP for such functionality. 

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I would hazard a guess and say that maybe telcos prefer to give customers the single sim variant when they offer their phone+data plans. That way people could not choose the minimum data option and then have a budget friendly prepaid data sim as the second sim and top that up when they need more data. With the single sim they have you locked to their service. 


I am no expert in this feild and this is just a wild guess.


I guess it comes down to whether or not you think you'll need the extra storage that the SD card provides right?


If not, then it's a no-brainer ... Take the dual-SIM version. 

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could be a chip thing. the s9 sold in the US with the qualcomm chip has a single sim while the exynos version sold elsewhere has 2 sims. non-gamers prefer units with qualcomm chips for battery and heating issues.

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