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Who Rememmber Samsung Galaxy J Series Phones?

(Topic created on: 13-02-2023 08:22 PM)
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Samsung Galaxy J Series Was One Of The Best Budget Phones u can get Back In The Day. It had a very cheap price and you got a good build quality device. I Had a Samsung galaxy J5 (2017) back in 2018 On Android 8.1.0 And I Loved It. The Performance Was not the beast but it still did a good job. The cameras is what it really gets me. The Camera Quality On Samsung J Series Was Also The Best. Samsung Also Tried To Sell Samsung J Line Up With A Cheap Price But The Users Gonna Get A Very Good Camera Quality. My Family Was Complaining Me All The Time Why The Picture Quality Was So Good. Its Hard To Belive It Came On a Budget Phone. And The Battery Was Exelent. I really Loved The Battery. The Battery Lasted Forever. Sadly Samsung Discontinued The Samsung Galaxy J Series Line Up In 2018. 🙁💔



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Samsung has certainly set the standards and pushed the boundaries in workmanship, materials, features and functions even back in the early days.

It's good to look back to see where Samsung has left their mark in the tech industry @lucabcardoso 


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